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New Releases List for Netflix Argentina

Lovesick: Season 3

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases on Netflix Argentina.

The Jack King Affair Jan 02 2018

The Jack King Affair

Historical Documentaries, Military Documentaries, Documentaries

This documentary explores a bold World War II operation in which an MI5 agent infiltrated a fascist network to intercept stolen documents. He deceived the enemy by acting like one, and made it in the pages of history. Who was the man behind the mission?

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Mustang Island Jan 02 2018

Mustang Island

Dramas, Comedies, Independent Movies

After being dumped on New Year's Eve, Bill pursues his ex-girlfriend to an off-season Gulf Coast beach town, but things get complicated along the way. Their heartbroken, pathetic quest is pretty much doomed from the start. But sometimes the journey is what matters most.

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Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel Jan 01 2018

Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel

Anime Features, Family Adventures, Anime based on a Video Game, Action Anime, Japanese Movies, Children & Family Movies

Pokémon trainer Ash joins the mythical Pokémon Volcanion on its mission to a mechanical city to rescue the artificial Pokémon, Magearna. A mythical Pokémon with no love for humans still needs one trainer's help to save its best friend from evil.

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Abnormal Summit: 2017: Episode 26 Jan 01 2018

An international panel—including a Canadian visitor—describes autumn colors in their home countries. Then, they listen to wedding songs from around the world.

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Abnormal Summit: 2017: Episode 24 Jan 01 2018

What are the roots of curious European expressions? How do you form plurals in Indonesian? Writer and linguist Seung-yeon Jo leads us on a language adventure.

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Men on a Mission: 2017: Episode 26 Jan 01 2018

The "Chuseok Special Ssireum Showdown" has Men and Women from the two "On a Mission" shows paired as wives and husbands to compete by performing funny skits.

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Men on a Mission: 2017: Episode 25 Jan 01 2018

Three stars challenge Mi-sun Park, Hye-ryun Jo, Jin-young Hong, the original Women on a Mission. They celebrate Chuseok acting out soap operas and dancing.

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Lovesick: Season 3 Jan 01 2018

In his quest for true love, Dylan found chlamydia. Joined by friends Evie and Luke, he relives past encounters as he notifies all his former partners. Their search for The One takes some seriously awkward detours. But in the meantime, they've got each other.

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The Frozen Dead Jan 01 2018

The Frozen Dead

TV Dramas, Crime TV Shows, TV Thrillers, French TV Shows

A grisly find atop a mountain in the French Pyrenees leads investigator Martin Servaz into a twisted dance with a serial killer in this icy thriller. A haunted detective. A shrewd psychopath. And a town overrun with dark secrets. This deadly game is just getting started.

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Chef & My Fridge: 2017: Episode 26 Jan 01 2018

Kim Saeng-min is well known to fans of his podcast and TV shows for his thrifty lifestyle and love of rice. Can the chefs get him to eat something extravagant?

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