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Amateur baseball players go up against legendary pros in a championship to determine the ultimate winning team.

リアリティ番組, バトル系リアリティ番組, 韓国
俳優: Lee Seung-yuop, Park Yong-taik, Song Seung-jun, Lee Taek-keun, Jeong Seong-hoon, Shim Soo-chang, Jeong Keun-woo, Jang Won-sam, Seo Dong-wook, Jung Eui-yoon, Yoo Hee-kwan, Lee Hong-ku, Han Kyeong-been, Yoon Joon-ho, Ryu Hyeon-in, Jeong Yong-geom, Kim Sun-woo

A lazy slacker struggles to get along with his diligent sister-in-law — until they must step up and fight together against a common enemy.

アクション・アドベンチャー, ボリウッド映画, ラブロマンス, ヒンディー語の映画, インド
ディレクター: Sabbir Khan
俳優: Abhimanyu Dassani, Shilpa Shetty, Shirley Setia, Abhimanyu Singh, Samir Soni, Sachin Khedekar
ミッション:インポッシブル2 The Gentlemen Kammerpiken After



ヘレディタリー 継承 The Witch: Part 1 - The Subversion ファウンダー ハンバーガー帝国のヒミツ シェイムレス 俺たちに恥はない

When its signature lean threatens to destroy the Tower of Pisa, a team of experts assemble to try to save one of Europe's most distinctive silhouettes.

ドキュメンタリー映画, British
ディレクター: Chris Durlacher
俳優: Michael Bywater

In this documentary, a funeral director shares the science and procedures involved in his profession, as well as his profound perspectives on death.

ドキュメンタリー映画, アイルランド
ディレクター: Gillian Marsh

This documentary examines the way of life and the cataclysmic end of the Minoan people who lived in Knossos, an ancient city on the island of Crete.

自然・科学ドキュメンタリー, 歴史ドキュメンタリー, ドキュメンタリー映画, British, 文化・社会ドキュメンタリー
ディレクター: Bianka Dadswell

Revisit the career of the outspoken rock singer Ramoncín through interviews with the musician and his friends and collaborators.

音楽, ドキュメンタリー映画, Spanish
ディレクター: Charlie Arnaiz, Alberto Ortega

While in Cyprus, a journalist stays with the Moscow State Circus, visits a cat monastery where the felines have miraculous gifts — and falls in love.

ラブコメディ, コメディ, ラブロマンス, Movies Based on Books, British
ディレクター: Vsevolod Shilovsky
俳優: Jaime Murray, Peter Bowles, Maria Shukshina, Vyacheslav Kulakov, Craig Henderson, Alexandra Bastedo

In these four stories, sailors reflect on the repercussions of fish farming in the Black Sea and its impact on their livelihood.

ドキュメンタリー映画, ブルガリア, 文化・社会ドキュメンタリー
ディレクター: Stephan Komandarev

In his desperate attempt to find inner peace, comedian Johann König examines the effects of work, family — and high cholesterol levels.

コメディ, Stand-Up Comedy, ドイツのコメディ, ドイツ
ディレクター: Frank Lieberich
俳優: Johann König

An intelligence agent tasked with incriminating a squeaky-clean politician must decide if there are still some lines he won't cross.

社会問題に迫るヒューマンドラマ, Thriller Movies, Spanish
ディレクター: Jorge Coira
俳優: Luis Tosar, Alexandra Masangkay, Georgina Amorós, Denis Gómez, Laura Domínguez, María Botto, Miguel Rellán, Santi Prego, Arón Piper, Fran Lareu