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The Misfits are in for a wild year as they prepare a school musical. But when the strict new headmaster bans the show, it's up to Julia to save the day.

TVコメディ, キッズTV番組, 音楽・ミュージカル, ティーン向けTV番組・ドラマ, Dutch
俳優: Djamila, Niek Roozen, Bente Fokkens, Jolijn Henneman, Fenna Ramos, Jill Schirnhofer, Nienke van Dijk, Noah de Nooij, Simone Giel, Vincent Visser, Eliyha Altena, Georgina Verbaan, Britt Scholte, Buddy Vedder

Three years after his documentary "A Man Returned," filmmaker Mahdi Fleifel returns to Lebanon's Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp to visit a dear friend.

ドキュメンタリー映画, British
ディレクター: Mahdi Fleifel
俳優: Reda Al-Saleh
Venom スパイダーマン2 After Halloween



THE FLASH/フラッシュ Tokyo Revengers ティム・バートンのコープスブライド Grey's Anatomy

With her husband detained in an Israeli prison, a Palestinian woman crafts a daring plan to turn their no-contact encounter into a sweet exchange.

社会問題に迫るヒューマンドラマ, ヒューマンドラマ, 中東映画, コメディ
ディレクター: Rakan Mayasi
俳優: Saleh Bakri, Rana Alamuddin, Nadera Omran, Ziad Bakri

During WWII's crucial Battle of the Scheldt, the lives of a glider pilot, a Nazi soldier and a reluctant Resistance recruit tragically intersect.

軍隊・戦争映画, Dutch
ディレクター: Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.
俳優: Gijs Blom, Jamie Flatters, Susan Radder, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Jan Bijvoet, Marthe Schneider, Scott Reid, Robert Naylor, Tom Felton, Ronald Kalter, Justus von Dohnányi, Coen Bril

In this historical drama, a downtrodden farmer and his children struggle with inequality, exploitation and the machinations of wealthy aristocrats.

社会問題に迫るヒューマンドラマ, ヒューマンドラマ, ベルギー
ディレクター: Paul Cammermans
俳優: Senne Rouffaer, Chris Boni, Ronny Waterschoot, Marc Van Eeghem, Marijke Pinoy, Jos Verbist, Camilia Blereau, Jan Decleir, Ille Geldhof, Karel Deruwe

Lyrically gifted middle schooler Karma juggles rap dreams and rhyme schemes while using her talent, ambition and heart to solve any problem.

TVコメディ, 子供向けTVアニメーション, キッズTV番組, キッズ音楽, 音楽・ミュージカル, 家族で一緒に楽しめるTV番組

After an air raid kills a male giraffe in the West Bank's only zoo, a vet and his son embark on a journey to find a companion for the surviving mate.

キッズ・ファミリー映画, 社会問題に迫るヒューマンドラマ, ヒューマンドラマ, 中東映画, ファミリー向けヒューマンドラマ, Family Movies
ディレクター: Rani Massalha
俳優: Saleh Bakri, Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, Ahmad Bayatra, Mohammed Bakri, Lutuf Nouasser, Roschdy Zem

On Shabbat, Israeli settlers crash their car outside a Palestinian convent, disturbing the vow of silence of five nuns who offer an unorthodox solution.

風刺, 中東映画, コメディ, インディーズ映画
ディレクター: Basil Khalil
俳優: Maria Zreik, Huda Al Imam, Shady Srour, Ruth Farhi, Maya Koren, Sana Tanous, Maria De Pina, Raneen Bisharat Iskandar

During the 1990 World Cup, two young Palestinian football fans set out to find the last missing piece of their sticker album and win an Atari.

社会問題に迫るヒューマンドラマ, ヒューマンドラマ, 中東映画, コメディ, インディーズ映画
ディレクター: Firas Khoury
俳優: Faris Abbas, Ayoub Abu Hamad, Fahed Hawari, Reem Afifi, Kholud Tanous, Adam Shehadeh, Firas Khoury, Ali Suliman

Following her father's murder, a revenge-driven woman puts her trust in a powerful crime boss — and enters the police force under his direction.

TVアクション・アドベンチャー, TVサスペンス, 韓国
作成者: Kim Va-da, Kim Jin-Min
俳優: Han So-hee, Park Hee-soon, Ahn Bo-hyun, Kim Sang-ho, Lee Hak-ju, Jang Yull