Netflix ニュージーランドの新しいリリースリスト:ページ4


At Battle Coliseum, Xiaomei tells Shiki and the crew that she’ll give them the information they want — but only if they can defeat their opponents.

To find the fourth member of the Demon King’s Four Shining Stars, Shiki and the crew head for the Planet of Time, Mildian.

アリー/スター誕生 Spider-Man: Far from Home After Nocturnal Animals



インターステラー 미션 임파서블: 폴아웃 Gosford Park American Pie: Girls' Rules

Spider hacks into Edens Zero’s system and starts to destroy the ship from the inside. The only one who can stop him is Hermit.

After Homura declares that she’s joining Drakken Joe, Shiki and the crew are shocked when another Homura suddenly appears.

The crew enters the virtual planet of Digitalis to search for Hermit, but when they find her, she stubbornly refuses to return to Edens Zero.

After finding Hermit on Iron Hill, the crew deduces that she’s in an abnormal sleep mode as a result of her heart being broken.

What started as a crush leads a bullied teenager to a new group of friends and a summer of burglaries, heists, love and more in 1978 Girona.

ヒューマンドラマ, Movies Based on Books, Spanish
ディレクター: Daniel Monzón
俳優: Marcos Ruiz, Begoña Vargas, Chechu Salgado, Santiago Molero, Carlos Serrano, Jorge Aparicio, Xavi Sáez, Carlos Oviedo, Xavier Martín, Daniel Ibáñez, Víctor Manuel Pajares, Cintia García

Six men who were sexually abused by Catholic clergy as boys become a makeshift family and find empowerment by creating films inspired by their trauma.

伝記ドキュメンタリー, ドキュメンタリー映画
ディレクター: Robert Greene

When the city's mafia boss dies, his four aides decide to keep his death a secret and continue to run his rackets — but deception is a dangerous game.

アクション・アドベンチャー, 韓流・アジア/アクション, タイ
ディレクター: Tiwa Moeithaisong
俳優: Pitawat Pruksakit, Isara Kitnitchee, Sim Kyutae, Khunnaphat Phichetworawut, Naymyo Thant, Ploypailin Tangpraphaporn, Nopachai Jayanama, Jonathan Holman, Peeraphon Thiancharoen, Apiwit Reardon

Harsha is a smart, successful expat ready to marry whomever his parents choose... until he falls for a candid stand-up comedian they don’t approve of.

ラブコメディ, ヒューマンドラマ, コメディ, ラブロマンス, テルグ語の映画, インド
ディレクター: Bommarillu Baskar
俳優: Akhil Akkineni, Pooja Hegde