Roxana flees from the shooting in the Mil Cumbres hacienda. She calls her brother Alejandro and confesses who she is. Luis wounds Daniel and flees.

At the head of his new cartel, los Jinetes Jíbaros, Guillotina swears to slaughter Nemesio, Roxana, and Tilapia.

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Roxana causes a mass flight, the end of Las Dunas is announced and Puma is freed as a reward for her loyalty. Guillotina recruits a new assassins.

Daniel answers a call from Captain Ferrer. Roxana discovers that her partners are in charge of running guns into Mexico.

Ferrer tries to use Daniel to catch Roxana, but he refuses. The real estate business in Miami serves to help the cartel launder money.

The board of the Mil Cumbres cartel and its partners, headed by Roxana, decide to go from drugs to diamonds. Daniel participates in everything.

Daniel admits to Roxana that his mission was to obtain information about the Professor but that he ended up falling in love. Nemesio threatens Daniel.

With no evidence against them, Roxana and Tilapia go free. She aims a gun at him to force him to tell her who he really is. La Puma kills Zoraida.

The inmates, convinced that Tilapia murdered Guillotina, corner him in an attempt to do away with him. A blood sample is taken from Roxana.

Tilapia sticks a dagger in Guillotina's neck to prevent him from brutally attacking Roxana. Tilapia and Roxana will be released in 48 hours.