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If you're looking for the complete catalogue listing of What's New on Netflix around the World ... this is it! There are new movies and shows being released on Netflix every day, but it's often hard to find them. This site is constantly checking for new releases around the world, and is updated numerous times a day. Perfect for users in any country but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

Here's a sampling of new movies, tv shows, and original series released to Netflix today around the world, with the most recent arrivals at the top. Choose a country using the menu at the top for titles specific to a netflix region, and then check back often, as we are constantly updating the lists throughout the day.

Taken in by the yakuza at a young age, Kenji swears allegiance to his old-school boss, pledging to adhere to the family code amid ever-changing times.

Dramas, Japanese
Director(s): Michihito Fujii
Actors: Go Ayano, Hiroshi Tachi, Machiko Ono, Yukiya Kitamura, Hayato Ichihara, Hayato Isomura, Shun Sugata, Suon Kan, Ryutaro Ninomiya, Taro Suruga, Ryo Iwamatsu, Kosuke Toyohara, Shinobu Terajima

Determined to marry before she turns 30, a woman tries to change her impulsive ways and do whatever it takes to win back the boyfriend who left her.

African Movies, Romantic Comedies, Comedies, Romantic Movies, Nollywood
Director(s): Kayode Kasum
Actors: Nancy Isime, Jide Kene Achufusi, Sharon Ooja, Mawuli Gavor, Venita Akpofure, Koye Kekere Ekun, Elvina Ibru, Uzor Arukwe, Toyin Abraham

Samuel attempts a big, romantic gesture at the airport in order to persuade Carla not to board her flight to London.

TV Dramas, Romantic TV Dramas, Teen TV Shows, Spanish
Creator(s): Carlos Montero, Darío Madrona
Actors: Ester Expósito, Itzan Escamilla

In 1879, Kenshin and his allies face their strongest enemy yet: his former brother-in-law Enishi Yukishiro and his minions, who've vowed their revenge.

Action & Adventure, Period Pieces, Japanese
Director(s): Keishi Otomo
Actors: Takeru Sato, Emi Takei, Mackenyu, Munetaka Aoki, Yu Aoi, Yusuke Iseya, Tao Tsuchiya, Kazuki Kitamura, Kasumi Arimura, Yosuke Eguchi

New friends, new loves and new experiences mix together inside a colorful college dormitory in Korea that's home to students from around the world.

Sitcoms, TV Comedies, Korean
Creator(s): Kwon Ik-joon, Kim Jung-sik, Seo Eun-jung, Baik Ji-hyun
Actors: Park Se-wan, Shin Hyeon-seung, Choi Young-jae, Minnie, Han Hyun-min, Joakim Sorensen, Carson Allen, Terris Brown

A career-driven 30-something must contend with a cutthroat workplace, a love triangle and her nagging mom.

TV Dramas, Romantic TV Dramas, Mainland Chinese TV Shows
Director(s): Hsu Fu-chun
Actors: Qin Lan, Dylan Wang, Li Zonghan, Bao Wenjing, Pan Hong, Chen Pengwanli, Lin Xinyi, Kang Kang, Wei Yibo, He Bin

With an eye for every budget, three travelers visit vacation rentals around the globe and share their expert tips and tricks in this reality series.

Reality TV, US TV Shows, Food & Travel TV, Home & Garden Reality TV, Lifestyle

As a killing resembling a cold case resurfaces in a small town, the chase for the truth falls on two policemen who each harbor secrets of their own.

Crime TV Shows, TV Thrillers, Korean
Creator(s): Shim Na-yeon, Kim Soo-jin
Actors: Shin Ha-kyun, Yeo Jin-goo, Choi Dae-hoon, Choi Sung-eun, Cheon Ho-jin, Choi Jin-ho

The Earth Federation's last hope in its fight against the Principality of Zeon is the prototype mobile suit Gundam, piloted by civilian Amuro Ray.

Action & Adventure, Action Anime, Anime Movies, Classic Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Anime, Sci-Fi Movies, Japanese
Director(s): Yoshiyuki Tomino, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Actors: Toru Furuya, Shuichi Ikeda, Hirotaka Suzuoki, Rumiko Ukai, Fuyumi Shiraishi, Yo Inoue, Toshio Furukawa, Kiyonobu Suzuki, Keiko Toda, Shozo Iizuka

In battle-ridden Syria, a woman trying to smuggle bread into a blockaded area crosses paths with a soldier on the run.

Social Issue Dramas, Dramas, Middle Eastern Movies, Military Movies, Syrian
Director(s): Soudade Kaadan
Actors: Lama Hakeim, Gabriel Malki, Ehab Shaaban