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New Releases List for Netflix Argentina: Page 2

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases on Netflix Argentina.

Leo, who lives in fear of La Nahuala, a witch from his brother Nando's stories, must summon his courage when Nando himself falls under her curse.

Children & Family Movies, Family Movies, Mexican
Director(s): Ricardo Arnaiz
Actors: Fabrizio Santini, Germán Robles, Ofelia Medina, Martha Higareda, Jesús Ochoa, Rafael Inclán, Andrés Bustamante, Manuel Valdez, Pierre Angelo

To fulfill her mother's final wish, Lina spends the summer before college in Rome, where she discovers romance, adventure — and a passion for gelato.

Teen Movies, Romantic Comedies, Comedies, Romantic Movies, Movies Based on Books, US Movies
Director(s): Brandon Camp
Actors: Susanna Skaggs, Tobia De Angelis, Owen McDonnell, Valentina Lodovini, Saul Nanni, Anjelika Washington, Alex Boniello, Luca Seta, Claudia Stecher
Legend Animal Kingdom Graveyard Hacksaw Ridge

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SPY x FAMILY Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom It Chapter Two Level 16

Hopelessly entitled or simply in need of tough love? Ten spoiled young adults experience nature without a parental safety net in this reality series.

Reality TV, Competition Reality TV, British
Actors: Joel Graves, Matt Tate, Cat Bigney

As Simón makes plans to return to to his homeland, he receives word from Gen. Páez. Manuelita enlists the power of seduction to secure Simón's pension.

Simón decides what Santander's fate will be. A false but rampant rumor that Simón wants to install a monarchy brings devastating consequences.

Simón receives a new diagnosis. Those who tried to assassinate Simón recruit more members to their cause and plan a siege on the Presidential House.

Fernando gives Madame Rocha new perspective on her friends. Just as a masquerade ball begins, Manuelita learns of the assassination plot against Simón.

Simón learns what Manuelita did at the party. Marcela overhears Madame Rocha's circle plotting an uprising. Julio catches Saldarriaga visiting Berta.

Simón returns to Bogotá, where the government council announces what his position and powers will be. Alarming news arrives from Peru and Bolivia.

Manuelita learns Madame Rocha is intercepting and reading Bolívar's mail. O'Leary reports to Simón how Santander is manipulating the delegates.