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How To Get American Netflix In Austria Updated November 2019

Episode 34

Available on Netflix USA, Canada, and United Kingdom

Not available on Netflix Austria

Episode 34

Available on Netflix USA, Canada, and United Kingdom

Not available on Netflix Austria

Watch American Netflix and more...

You probably already know that Netflix in the US has more movies and TV shows than we get here in Austria, but did you know that you can access the US version here too?

How? With ExpressVPN!

  1. Create an account at ExpressVPN!. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you might as well see if it works for you and watch as much as you can in the first 30 days.
  2. Install the free software on your computer/tablet/phone and temporarily connect to some other country (USA, Canada, Australia, wherever).
  3. Open Netflix as usual, with your regular Netflix login, and watch internationally available titles!

And the only thing better than watching Netflix USA is being able to watch Netflix USA, Austria, plus over 50 more countries, all from your couch!

ExpressVPN lets you change your Netflix country as many times as you like, to any one of over 50 different countries. With ExpressVPN, you can access Netflix USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Japan...

Using our extensive Netflix catalogues, we've calculated that you'll have up to 5x the number of movies and TV shows available for you to watch.

Don't believe me?
Here's a sample of movies we can't watch but other countries can!

Prochnost Season 3 Episode 7 Secret Unrequited Love Pacific Rim: Uprising From Paris with Love A Bad Moms Christmas Apache Warrior Blockers Episode 4 Unbroken: Path to Redemption The Hero Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Episode 32 Sahara Episode 12 Baywatch Giants of Africa Season 2 The Best of Enemies

Imagine never struggling to find something to watch on Netflix again!

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Because of our relationship with ExpressVPN, we're able to offer you 3 free months when you sign up for a full year. That's a savings of almost 50% off the monthly price, and brings the cost down to $6.67 a month...about the price of a movie rental!

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Available on Netflix United Kingdom, South Korea, and Taiwan

Not available on Netflix Austria

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Available on Netflix United Kingdom, South Korea, and Taiwan

Not available on Netflix Austria

How do I start?

With a few simple steps you can be watching US Netflix in minutes. Although you can change your Netflix country on a wide range of devices, I suggest starting with a computer, since it's easier to sign up with:

  1. Visit in your browser and create an account
  2. Download and install the free software
  3. Choose your Netflix country
  4. Watch US Netflix!

ExpressVPN Sign Up

Visit in your browser. There are three different plans, but the annual plan is best, value-wise. You'll be asked for your email address and to create a password. You'll need those in Step #2

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Download Their Free Software

Once you've created an account you can download their software/app. You can install the software on as many devices as you like (Mac, Windows, iPad, Android tablet/phone, etc). Start the app and login with the email address and password you created in Step #1. Their ExpressVPN "Media Streamer DNS" system can also be used on AppleTV, XBox, PlayStation, and many other devices at no extra cost.

Here are a few videos to show you how to set it up on different devices:

Choose a Netflix Server (Country)

Once you've downloaded and installed the ExpressVPN app and logged in, you'll see a list of servers specific to those countries. Choose the country/server that you'd like to access and click Connect.

Note: Some countries have more than one server, and sometimes they don't all work for Netflix. If you have trouble, try another one, or contact ExpressVPN's excellent support staff.

Enjoy Netflix's International Movie List!

Go to (or open your Netflix app) as usual and you'll see all the Netflix content available in that country.

How Much Better is Netflix Worldwide?

I was recently surprised to discover that Japan has more movies and TV shows than every other country, including the US. However, since you can keep changing back-and-forth between countries (and Japan is an available country), you get the best of everything Netflix has to offer worldwide!

And no matter which country’s Netflix you’re watching, you can switch back to Netflix Austria any time you want.

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What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure method of sending your internet traffic through another computer on the internet, while encrypting everything along the way. Many businesses provide VPNs for the employees so they can work securely from home.

ExpressVPN allows you to send your Netflix traffic through one of their servers in another country, which makes Netflix think you are in that country. It will then show you that country's content.

What Are You Waiting For??

Don't wait any longer! Get the most out of your Austrian Netflix subscription with ExpressVPN, and start watching all those shows you've only heard about. Create your ExpressVPN account today and get settled on the couch in five minutes!

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