Is Trainspotting (1996) on Netflix Canada?

Yes, Trainspotting is available on Netflix in Canada, but did you know you can unlock thousands of movies and shows not currently available in Canada? The release date for Netflix Canada was March 31st 2016, and here are the dates it was released on Netflix in other countries:

  • Netflix France: Released on October 18th, 2018
  • Netflix Spain: Released on June 23rd, 2018
  • Netflix Belgium: Released on June 18th, 2018
  • Netflix Luxembourg: Released on June 18th, 2018
  • Netflix Austria: Released on May 31st, 2018
  • Netflix Germany: Released on May 31st, 2018
  • Netflix Switzerland: Released on May 31st, 2018
  • Netflix Taiwan: Released on April 10th, 2018
  • Netflix Norway: Released on December 21st, 2017
  • Netflix Sweden: Released on December 21st, 2017

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Trainspotting (1996) on Netflix in Canada



Danny Boyle's explosive 1996 film tracks the misadventures of young men (played by a cast that includes Ewan MacGregor, Robert Carlyle and Jon Lee Miller) trying to find their way out of joblessness, aimless relationships and drug addiction. Some are successful, while others are hopelessly not. Based on Irvine Walsh's novel, Trainspotting melds grit with poetry, resulting in a film of harsh truths and stunning grace.

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  • Ewan McGregor
  • Ewen Bremner
  • Jonny Lee Miller
  • Kevin McKidd
  • Robert Carlyle
  • Kelly Macdonald
  • Peter Mullan
  • James Cosmo
  • Eileen Nicholas
  • Susan Vidler
  • Pauline Lynch
  • Shirley Henderson