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Lee Daniels' Star: Season 3: Lean On Me

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases on Netflix Canada.

Imago Mar 20 2019


Marathi-Language Movies, Dramas, Independent Movies, Indian Movies

A teen with vitiligo struggles with self-doubt and anxiety until a new schoolteacher sees her through a different lens, and urges her to do the same. She finally has a reason to come out of her shell. But doing so will mean learning how to love the skin she's in.

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February 9 Mar 20 2019

February 9

TV Dramas, Middle Eastern TV Shows

As a psychology professor faces Alzheimer's, his daughter and her three close female friends experience romance, marriage, heartbreak and tragedy.

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My Husband Won't Fit Mar 20 2019

My Husband Won't Fit

Japanese TV Shows, TV Dramas, Romantic TV Shows, TV Shows based on Books

Kumiko and Kenichi meet in college and build a happy marriage together. But over time, an unusual problem threatens to destroy their relationship. Are love and sex the same? They’ll have to find their own answers to this question beating painfully throughout their marriage.

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Social Animals Mar 20 2019

Social Animals

Documentaries, Social & Cultural Docs

This documentary follows a trio of teens -- a daredevil photographer, an aspiring model and a lonely Ohio girl -- and Instagram's impact on their lives. They use Instagram for different reasons, but one thing is the same -- their virtual lives are a far cry from their real ones.

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Tinker' Mar 20 2019


Dramas, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Independent Movies, Sci-Fi Dramas

While building a revolutionary machine outlined in his late father's journal, a recluse farmer becomes the guardian for his gifted six-year-old nephew. He obsesses over building a machine tied to his late father. But breaking his solitude could be the key to putting it together.

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Alexis Viera: A Story of Surviving Mar 20 2019

Alexis Viera: A Story of Surviving

Latin American Documentaries, Sports Movies, Sports Documentaries, Biographical Documentaries, Documentaries, Biographical Movies, Latin American Movies, Soccer Non-fiction, Sports & Fitness

After being shot during a robbery in Colombia and losing sensation in his legs, Uruguayan soccer star Alexis Viera finds a new sense of purpose. He was deemed one of soccer's elite athletes -- until tragedy cut his career short. Still, he never lost sight of his goals.

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Hi Score Girl: Season 1: ROUND 15 Mar 20 2019

Akira’s big sister Makoto reaches out to Haruo, first giving him a dating simulation game, then asking him to create an RPG just for Akira.

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Hi Score Girl: Season 1: ROUND 14 Mar 20 2019

Determined to beat Haruo so she can go out with him, Hidaka trains hard to refine her skills under the watchful eye of her new gamer friend, Nikotama.

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Hi Score Girl: Season 1: ROUND 13 Mar 20 2019

Hidaka finally confesses her feelings for Haruo. Meanwhile, Akira’s private tutor orders Haruo to stay away, telling him he’s a bad distraction.

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