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Netflix doesn't do a great job showing new titles as they arrive in different countries. This site is constantly checking for new titles (movies and TV shows) around the world, and is updated numerous times a day with the newest releases. We've recently added Netflix India, Pakistan, Russia, and more! Perfect for users in Canada, but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

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New Netflix Releases for May 31, 2016


Pokémon: XY - Season 1

Fresh adventures and dreams draw Ash and Pikachu to Kalos, where they make new friends, encounter Pokémon and uncover intriguing mysteries. Magical friends in a land of adventure, fun and way-cool competitions. Around here, every day is an amazing journey.

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Scream - Season 2

In this new TV series sequel to the classic horror franchise, a cyberbullying incident in Lakewood leads to a murder with chilling echoes of the past. Every horror sequel has its own set of rules. Can this new generation of teens survive long enough to figure out theirs?

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| TV Horror | TV Shows | TV Thrillers |


August: Osage County

When their father disappears, three strong-willed women return to their childhood home and to their equally strong-willed mother. A patriarch goes missing, a dysfunctional family collides. Fiery accusations and secrets heat up an Oklahoma summer.

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| Dramas |


Hell on Wheels - Temporada 5

Former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon sets out on a quest to find his wife's killer as post-Civil War America struggles to rebuild its identity. A former Confederate wreaks destruction across the west in a quest for revenge. There'll be blood on these tracks.

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Sugar Coated

This documentary investigates the history of the food industry's use of sugar, its health impact on society and the politics of the "new tobacco." It's dangerous, it's everywhere, it's PR-protected. But has the sugar industry finally met its match?

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| Canadian Movies | Documentaries | Food & Travel TV |


Australia's Deadliest Sea Creatures

Presenter Greg Grainger takes you deep into the ocean waters off the coast of Australia to meet dangerous sharks, stingrays, jellyfish and more. Venomous octopuses, giant crocs and more: Swimmers risk crossing paths with killers every time they step in the ocean.

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| Science & Nature Docs | Documentaries |


Bloodline - Staffel 2

When the black sheep son of a respected family threatens to expose dark secrets from their past, sibling loyalties are put to the test. How far will the Rayburns go to guard the secrets that lurk in their family? Farther than they ever dared to imagine.

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| Serien | Thrillerserien | US-Serien |


Bones - Season Bones

A forensic anthropologist teams up with an FBI agent to investigate crimes that have left scant evidence behind: namely, the bones of the deceased. An awkward forensic anthropologist. An arrogant FBI agent. Together, they find justice in the dead.

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Chef's Table - Temporada 2

In this original docu-series, find out what’s inside the kitchens and minds of the international culinary stars who are redefining gourmet food. Gifted. Eccentric. Visionary. When these chefs from around the globe cook, they don’t see rules. They see possibilities.

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| Programas de EE. UU. | Reality TV | Programas de TV y series | Documentales |


Cuban Fury

Twenty-two years after retiring his dancing shoes, former almost-champion salsa expert Bruce Garrett tries to regain his form in this romantic comedy. The salsa king once had hips of fire. Look past the paunch and low self-esteem and you'll find they still don't lie.

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| Romantic Comedies | Romantic Movies | Comedies |


Danger Down Under

Meet a diver, a doctor, a snake lover and other daring animal experts who risk life and limb dealing with deadly creatures. Swimming with sharks, wrestling with crocodiles: It's all in a day's work for these adventurous Australians.

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| Science & Nature Docs | Documentaries |


The Do-Over

The life of a bank manager is turned upside down when a friend from his past manipulates him into faking his own death and taking off on an adventure. A bank manager's life is turned upside down when an old friend tricks him into faking his own death and starting over.

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| Comedies | Action & Adventure | Action Comedies |


Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works - Temporada 1

High school students Rin and Shiro pair up as allies when they're chosen to compete in a secret tournament for possession of the Holy Grail. Two teenagers are in for the challenge of their lives. But victory means the ultimate prize: the Holy Grail.

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Friday Night Lights - Season 1

Eric Taylor faces enormous pressure when he signs on as the new coach of a small-town Texas football team that's poised to win the state championship. What's high school football mean to this Texas town? Absolutely everything when the stakes are as high off the field as they are on.

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The Last Man on the Moon

Astronaut Gene Cernan looks back on the exciting history of NASA's lunar landings and how being the last man to stand on the moon changed his life. A dozen people have walked on the moon. Everyone knows the first. But the last could tell you quite a story.

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| Biographical Documentaries | Documentaries |


Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure - Temporada 4

This "H2O" sequel follows Zac, a boy who accidentally turns into a merman and threatens the existence of three young mermaids who guard Mako Island. A teenage boy grows a fish tail that comes with special powers. Can three mermaids return him to normal?

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