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Mar 4, 2021: se han emitido 3 nuevas películas / programas / temporadas / episodios en Netflix Dinamarca hoy (hasta ahora):

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Estas son las noticias de Netflix Dinamarca hoy, con los estrenos más recientes en la parte superior. ¡Vuelva con frecuencia! Hay nuevas llegadas a lo largo del día y estamos regularmente actualizando esta lista.

También hacemos un seguimiento de las películas y programas que están populares en Dinamarca, que puede ver aquí: Netflix Dinamarca Trending

After a husband discovers a secret about his wife and his best friend, he prods them for a confession during an uneasy night of tension and betrayal. They face a hard truth: One of them can be happy if the other is unhappy. But which one gets to be happy?

Dramas, Romanian Movies
Director (es): Vlad Zamfirescu
Actores: Vlad Zamfirescu, Theo Marton, Irina Velcescu

After Kaiju ravage Australia, two siblings pilot a Jaeger to search for their parents, encountering new creatures, seedy characters and chance allies. Parents missing, their home destroyed. They’re powerless against the monstrous Kaiju — until they find a robot Jaeger.

Action Anime, Series de anime, Series de EE. UU., Sci-Fi & Fantasy Anime, Ciberpunk
Actores: Gideon Adlon, Calum Worthy, Erica Lindbeck, Victoria Grace, Andrew McPhee
ポケットモンスター Attack on Titan Anatomía según Grey Rápidos y furiosos 8

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Los caballeros Kung Fu Panda 3 Animal Kingdom Creed: Corazón de campeón

A young prosecutor is assigned a career-making case involving a colleague but soon starts to question the motivations behind the charges. This case could make his career. All he has to do is put the wrong man behind bars.

Dramas, Thriller Movies, Romanian Movies
Director (es): Tudor Giurgiu
Actores: Emilian Oprea, Mihai Constantin, Andreea Vasile, Dan Condurache, Liviu Pintileasa, Mihai Smarandache, Alin Florea, Lucretia Mandric

As a cutthroat businessman deals with his competition, a sudden threat disrupts his way of life and pushes him to seek comfort from an old friend. A childhood game gave him the tactics to win in business. Now, it could provide the tools to defeat a major illness.

Dramas, Romanian Movies
Director (es): Sorin Marin, Tudor Seichea Marin
Actores: Vlad Ivanov, Adrian Titieni, Claudiu Istodor, Diana Cavallioti, Adina Galupa, Mihai Stănescu

With dreams of performing in America, a Romanian theater company arrives in New York, where they meet a local agent who promises them a major tour. They're living the American dream. If the American dream means coming to New York and bumbling their way into the spotlight.

Comedias, Romanian Movies
Director (es): Razvan Savescu
Actores: Gheorghe Ifrim, Adrian Vancica, Ion Sapdaru, Tania Popa, Stefan Giurgiu, Ioana Blaj, Marius Chivu, Mihai Calin, Alexandru Bindea, Oana Ioachim

Two quirky elves are sent from the North Pole to train the next Santa Claus, but the chosen one is a grouchy man who hates Christmas. 'Tis the season for a new Santa. But how will these elves guide a successor who has no holiday cheer?

Películas infantiles y familiares, Comedias, Películas familiares, Comedias familiares, Tiempo de descanso en familia
Director (es): Christian Vogeler
Actores: Antonio Sabato Jr., Julio Iglesias Jr., Carson Rowland, Kate Katzman, Armando Gutierrez, Sofia Coppola, Sofia Osorio, Carolina Pozo

A deconstruction of the 1959 bank heist in Romania, where a group of robbers pulls off the feat then is ordered by the state to reenact it on film. A national sensation. Religious persecution. A cinematic reenactment. How a daring heist fueled a political agenda.

Documentales históricos, Películas sobre crímenes, Documentales políticos, Documentales sobre crímenes, Películas sobre robos, Romanian Movies, Documentales sobre crímenes reales, Películas documentales
Director (es): Alexandru Solomon

En esta increíble historia de crímenes reales, un ambicioso engaño se torna macabro y sacude hasta los cimientos a una iglesia global. Un engaño maestro, crímenes costosos y un impactante giro que deja al descubierto hechos aún peores.

Docuseries, Series de EE. UU., Documentales sobre crímenes reales
Director (es): Jared Hess, Tyler Measom

A well-known reporter is tasked to eulogize a deceased colleague and becomes engrossed in mending the man’s estranged relationship with his daughter. It began as a guilt-ridden, grim assignment. It turned out to be a cathartic experience he never knew he needed.

Dramas, Romanian Movies
Director (es): Iulia Rugină
Actores: Andi Vasluianu, Voica Oltean, Dorin Andone, Ioana Flora, Oxana Moravec

Despite plans to marry his pregnant girlfriend, an engineer carries on a secret affair with his coworker's injured wife, until the truth is revealed. He's got a good job, a loving girlfriend and a child on the way. Why does he keep risking it all?

Dramas, Movies Based on Books, Romanian Movies
Director (es): Hadrian Marcu
Actores: Bogdan Dumitrache, Ada Galeş, Mădălina Constantin, Adrian Titieni, Iulian Postelnicu, Gabriel Spahiu, Valeriu Andriuță