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Mar 4, 2021: Es wurden heute (bisher) neue Filme / Shows / Staffeln / Episoden von 20 auf Netflix veröffentlicht.

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Sie können mit dem sich ändernden Katalog Schritt halten und sehen, was heute in Finnland auf Netflix neu veröffentlicht wurde, indem Sie jeden Tag nachsehen.

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Hier finden Sie alle Neuigkeiten bei Netflix Finnland heute, mit den aktuellsten Neuerscheinungen an erster Stelle. Schauen Sie regelmäßig vorbei! Netflix bringt im Laufe des Tages neue Veröffentlichungen heraus, daher aktualisieren wir diese Liste ständig.

Passengers stranded in a subway car after their train halts between stations try to see past their differences to rediscover their shared humanity.

Dramen, Romanian Movies
Regisseur(e): Tedy Necula
Schauspieler: Emilian Oprea, Constantin Drăgănescu, Victoria Cociaș, Iulia Dumitru, Adrian Păduraru, Teodora Mareș, Constantin Cotimanis, Dan Murzea, Ela Ionescu, Tomas-Otto Ghela

Human relationships in three households are severely challenged by the intrusion into their lives of various animals in this low-key comedy. A dog, a cat, a chicken, a pigeon and a rabbit. Who knew that five simple animals could cause such complicated chaos?

Dramen, Komödien, Romanian Movies
Regisseur(e): Adrian Sitaru
Schauspieler: Adrian Titieni, Gheorghe Ifrim, Ioana Flora, Clara Vodă, Sergiu Costache, Dan Hurduc
Pokémon Journeys: The Series Attack on Titan Grey's Anatomy Fast & Furious 8

Hier sind einige Filme und Shows, die Sie in Finnland ohne VPN nicht sehen können.

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The Gentlemen Kung Fu Panda 3 Animal Kingdom Creed

Inspired by her mom's rebellious past and a confident new friend, a shy 16-year-old publishes an anonymous zine calling out sexism at her school. Patriarchy sucks. Rebel girls are cool. She's taking a stand, finding her voice — and sparking a revolution at school.

Teen-Filme, Dramen, Komödien, Movies Based on Books
Regisseur(e): Amy Poehler
Schauspieler: Hadley Robinson, Lauren Tsai, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nico Hiraga, Sydney Park, Josephine Langford, Clark Gregg, Josie Totah, Alycia Pascual-Peña, Anjelika Washington, Charlie Hall, Sabrina Haskett, Ike Barinholtz, Amy Poehler, Marcia Gay Harden

Two quirky elves are sent from the North Pole to train the next Santa Claus, but the chosen one is a grouchy man who hates Christmas. 'Tis the season for a new Santa. But how will these elves guide a successor who has no holiday cheer?

Kinder- und Familienfilme, Komödien, Familienspielfilme, Familienkomödien
Regisseur(e): Christian Vogeler
Schauspieler: Antonio Sabato Jr., Julio Iglesias Jr., Carson Rowland, Kate Katzman, Armando Gutierrez, Sofia Coppola, Sofia Osorio, Carolina Pozo

In a bleak town with his ambitionless friend and nagging mother, a petty drug dealer is inspired by an indecisive lover to take control of his life. Aimless and brooding, he never envisioned a better life. But the attention of a pretty woman sets him on a brighter path.

Gesellschaftsdramen, Dramen
Regisseur(e): Igor Cobileanski
Schauspieler: Igor Babiac, Sergiu Voloc, Ela Ionescu, Igor Caras-Romanov, Angela Ciobanu, Alexei Machevnin, Alexandr Chiciuc, Ion Coşeru

Trapped by circumstance, a mother supports her family abroad secretly through prostitution until a startling revelation pushes her to explore her faith. With others, she’s well-versed in being discreet. But when it has to do with herself, can she afford to be as judicious?

Dramen, Romanian Movies
Regisseur(e): Ciprian Mega
Schauspieler: Ela Ionescu, Raluca Dacin, Mihai Stănescu, Valeriu Andriuță, Valer Dellakeza, Ana Maria Moldovan, Florian Majoreanu, Teo Sandu, Ovidiu Crișan, Andreas Russos

When his best friend and construction partner dies suspiciously, a middle-aged businessman's search for answers uncovers unsettling secrets and lies.

Dramen, Independent-Filme, Romanian Movies
Regisseur(e): Andrei Gruzsniczki
Schauspieler: Dorian Boguţă, Ioana Flora, Coca Bloos, Ioana Talaşman, Maria Talaşman, Şerban Pavlu

Counting the days until a solar eclipse, a bored 14-year-old befriends a teen new to town, who promptly gets him involved in a risky scheme. His life got more exciting thanks to a new friendship. But darkness could eclipse his new acquaintance with one fateful decision.

Dramen, Independent-Filme, Romanian Movies
Regisseur(e): Radu Potcoavã
Schauspieler: Nicholas Bohor, Dan Hurduc, Ofelia Popii, Şerban Pavlu, Valentin Popescu, Virginia Rogin, Crina Tofan, Mihai Albu

A policeman investigates the disappearance of a pianist and soon uncovers the troubling details of the man's life and relationships.

Dramen, Mystery, Romanian Movies
Regisseur(e): Dorian Boguţă
Schauspieler: Teodor Corban, Irina Rădulescu, Marin Grigore, Liviu Pintileasa, Lucian Ifrim, Mădălina Diana Ghenea, Dragoș Bucur

As a cutthroat businessman deals with his competition, a sudden threat disrupts his way of life and pushes him to seek comfort from an old friend. A childhood game gave him the tactics to win in business. Now, it could provide the tools to defeat a major illness.

Dramen, Romanian Movies
Regisseur(e): Sorin Marin, Tudor Seichea Marin
Schauspieler: Vlad Ivanov, Adrian Titieni, Claudiu Istodor, Diana Cavallioti, Adina Galupa, Mihai Stănescu