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What's New on Netflix Germany

Here's what's new on Netflix Germany today, with the most recent Netflix releases at the top. Check back often, as we are constantly updating this list throughout the day.

Is Bobby & Bill on Netflix Germany?

Bobby & Bill: Season 1

Together with his cocker spaniel and a skateboarding tortoise, Bobby embarks on fun and unique adventures around the neighborhood and beyond. A cuddly dog, a fast-moving tortoise and a curious little boy. Prepare for an exciting journey with the courageous trio!

Details: Bobby & Bill: Season 1

Is Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt on Netflix Germany?

Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt

A creative 11-year-old and a robot build a one-of-a-kind Voyager to help their search, but their enemies may ruin everything. Invent a vehicle that can swim, fly and drive ... plus fend off bad guys? It’s a tall order. This duo may just pull it off.

Details: Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt

Is F.R.E.D.I. on Netflix Germany?


Venturing into the woods, high schooler James discovers an intelligent robot that he must save from the hands of a businessman with an evil scheme. She can talk, make repairs and protect people from danger. But in the wrong hands, she may wreak havoc on the world.

Details: F.R.E.D.I.

Is Shtisel on Netflix Germany?

Shtisel: Season 1

A Haredi family living in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem reckons with love, loss and the doldrums of daily life.

Details: Shtisel: Season 1

Is Shtisel on Netflix Germany?

Shtisel: Season 2

A Haredi family living in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem reckons with love, loss and the doldrums of daily life.

Details: Shtisel: Season 2

Is Sad Hill Unearthed on Netflix Germany?

Sad Hill Unearthed

An eclectic group of fans of 1966's "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" attempt to restore the cemetery set in Spain where the movie's climax was filmed. To reconstruct an abandoned film set after nearly 50 years will take some serious effort. Cue the movie buffs.

Details: Sad Hill Unearthed

Is The Odyssey on Netflix Germany?

The Odyssey

This biopic of explorer, innovator, ecologist and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau delves into his adventures, ambitions -- and his troubled relationships. He offered a lens into the natural world he so loved, but his passion took a toll on the people closest to him.

Details: The Odyssey

Is Goodbye Berlin on Netflix Germany?

Goodbye Berlin

A dismal summer vacation turns into a wild coming-of-age ride when a teenage boy agrees to take a road trip with the edgy new kid in town. When your family and love life are both messes, getting away seems like a great idea -- even if it's in a stolen car.

Details: Goodbye Berlin

Is Erased on Netflix Germany?

Erased: Season 1

Satoru Fujinuma can travel back in time to save others' lives. When he wakes up 18 years in the past, he has a chance to save his murdered classmates. A shy cartoonist's strange ability to right past wrongs is put to the test when he is sent back in time to age 11.

Details: Erased: Season 1

Is Blair Witch on Netflix Germany?

Blair Witch

After finding footage of his long-missing sister, James Donahue heads into the woods to find her, accompanied by friends and a documentary filmmaker.

Details: Blair Witch