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What's New on Netflix Germany

Here's what's new on Netflix Germany today, with the most recent Netflix releases at the top. Check back often, as we are constantly updating this list throughout the day.

Is Fragments on Netflix Germany?


As the survivors of a madman's senseless shooting spree grapple with fate, each suffers aftereffects as uncontrollable as the crime itself. Loneliness, guilt, despair and faith consume them until each finds an epiphany among the ruins.

Details: Fragments

Is Men on Netflix Germany?


A corporate executive plots revenge when he moves in with, befriends and influences the penniless artist his wife is having an affair with. An arty loser is sweeping this corporate hotshot's wife off her feet. So if you can't beat 'em, move in with 'em.

Details: Men

Is Ron White: If You Quit Listening, I'll... on Netflix Germany?

Ron White: If You Quit Listening, I'll...

Ron “Tater Salad” White dishes out his signature brand of cynicism, riffing on sex, celebrity and the sinister habits of wild geese. Full glass. Foul mouth. He's back with cigars blazing -- and he's got more to say than ever.

Details: Ron White: If You Quit Listening, I'll...

Is Black Lightning on Netflix Germany?

Black Lightning: Season 2

School principal and retired superhero Jefferson Pierce leaps back into action as the legendary Black Lightning after a gang threatens his family. He gave up his powers for his family. But now they're in danger, the city's on the brink and his fuse is about to blow.

Details: Black Lightning: Season 2

Is SMS für Dich on Netflix Germany?

SMS für Dich

A writer copes with her fiancé’s death by sending him romantic text messages. But the phone number has been reassigned -- to a man who’s intrigued. Still in mourning and in love, she can’t help but text his old number. But her messages get through to someone new.

Details: SMS für Dich

Is Mario Barth: Die Weltrekord-Show... on Netflix Germany?

Mario Barth: Die Weltrekord-Show...

Standup comedian Mario Barth performs in front of an epic crowd at Berlin's extraordinary Olympiastadion.

Details: Mario Barth: Die Weltrekord-Show...

Is The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix Germany?

The Seven Deadly Sins: Season Revival of The Commandments

When a kingdom is taken over by tyrants, the deposed princess begins a quest to find a disbanded group of evil knights to help take back her realm. If you're gonna fight evil, you'd better find the evilest guys to fight with you. It's one princess's best shot.

Details: The Seven Deadly Sins: Season Revival of The Commandments

Is Sanju on Netflix Germany?


From the depths of addiction to the heights of stardom to underworld entanglements, this biopic traces the checkered past of Indian actor Sanjay Dutt. He was one Bollywood's biggest movie stars. But behind the scenes, his own story is stranger than fiction.

Details: Sanju

Is Stunt Science on Netflix Germany?

Stunt Science: Season 1

When it comes to daring stunts and outrageous pranks, we often wonder: What were they thinking? This high-octane series tries to find some answers. Daredevils and pranksters may seem out of their minds, but there is some real method to their madness.

Details: Stunt Science: Season 1

Is American Ultra on Netflix Germany?

American Ultra

He's just a weed fiend going nowhere, or so he thinks. When the CIA tries to eliminate him, his long-dormant superspy training comes roaring back. They train him, wipe his memory, then try to kill him. But this stoner's got assassin skills that surprise even him.

Details: American Ultra