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We are launching a redesigned What's New on Netflix, and would like your feedback!  
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How to get American Netflix in India | Updated February 2019

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Watch Netflix USA

Ac06b2fec3e1e606ae83de5ef06aeff236cdcd42 The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Season 4 Available on Netflix Argentina, Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Pakistan, Panama, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, and USA
Not available on Netflix India

Did you know that US Netflix has far more Movies and TV Shows than most other Netflix countries? But there's a way to get American Netflix from any country and access these movies!

How? With ExpressVPN!

ExpressVPN will let you watch thousands of movies and tv shows that are only available on Netflix in over 55 countries, such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, and Japan. This technique will allow you to switch your existing Netflix login to any of these countries and unlock up to 5x the number of movies and TV shows available for you to watch. And it only takes minutes to set up!

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How to get American Netflix

97777dae9535bb75260a5ddfde1c71a59a630937 Fuller House, Season 4 Available on Netflix Hong Kong and Pakistan
Not available on Netflix India

With a few simple steps you can be watching US Netflix in minutes. Although you can change your Netflix country on a wide range of devices, we suggest starting with a computer, since it's easier to signup with:

  1. Go to Express-VPN.tv in your web-browser and create an account.
  2. Download and install the free software
  3. Choose a Netflix country server
  4. Watch American Netflix!

Step 1: ExpressVPN Signup

First you need to visit Express-VPN.tv in your favorite web-browser. They have two different plans, but the best value is to sign-up for their annual plan. You'll be asked to give your email address and create a password. You'll need those in Step #3

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Step 2: Download their free software

Once you've created an account you can download their software/app. You can install the software on as many devices as you like (Mac, Windows, iPad, Android tablet/phone, etc). Start the app and login with the email address and password you created in Step #1. Their "Media Streamer DNS" system can also be used on AppleTV, XBox, PlayStation, and many other devices at no extra cost.

Here are a few videos to show you the set-up steps.


Step 3: Choose a Netflix server

Once you've downloaded and installed the ExpressVPN app and logged in, you'll be given a list of servers. Choose any one of their servers and click Connect. In seconds the status will change to Connected.

Step 4: Enjoy Netflix's international movie list!

Finally, go to netflix.com (or start your Netflix app) as usual and you'll now see all the Netflix content available in that country.

5f56620141bcb61e41abe02605d8b82c93cdf95d Noragami Aragoto, Season 1 Available on Netflix Hong Kong, Japan, Pakistan, Spain, Taiwan, and Thailand
Not available on Netflix India

How much better is Netflix Worldwide?

Express region title comparison

Although Japanese Netflix has more titles than all other countries, the real advantage to ExpressVPN is that you get access to over 55 different countries, which will more than double the number of titles that you can watch on Netflix. In some countries the Netflix catalogue is increased by 5x!

Even Americans can use this system to gain access to more than twice as many Netflix movies and TV series'. And no matter what country you're in, you can always switch back to your "home" country.

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What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure method of sending your internet traffic through another computer on the internet, while encrypting everything along the way. Many businesses provide VPNs for the employees to work securely from home.

ExpressVPN allows you to send your Netflix traffic through one of their servers in another country, which fools Netflix into showing you the Netflix country only available in that country...it's that simple!

What are you waiting for??

Don't wait any longer! You deserve to get the most out of your Netflix subscription. Create your ExpressVPN account today and be watching international Netflix titles in 5 minutes!

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