Is Ninja Hattori, Season 1 (1981) on Netflix New Zealand?

Yes, Ninja Hattori, Season 1 is available on Netflix in New Zealand, but did you know you can unlock thousands of movies and shows not currently available in New Zealand? The release date for Netflix New Zealand was January 10th 2019, and here are the dates it was released on Netflix in other countries:

  • Netflix Ireland: Released on January 5th, 2019
  • Netflix UK: Released on January 5th, 2019
  • Netflix USA: Released on December 31st, 2018
  • Netflix Bangladesh: Released on December 30th, 2018
  • Netflix India: Released on December 26th, 2018
  • Netflix Canada: Released on December 23rd, 2018
  • Netflix Australia: Released on December 23rd, 2018
  • Netflix Japan: Released on July 20th, 2017

Check out this sample list of movies you can unlock through American and International Netflix, including "Tinny (2014)", "Chibi Maruko ChanⅡ (1995)", and "From the Apennines to the Andes (1976)"

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Ninja Hattori (1981) on Netflix in New Zealand

Ninja Hattori, Season 1


Elementary school student Kenichi Mitsuba's household gains a surprising new member: Kanzo Hattori, a mischievous but helpful 11-year-old ninja. This blue-colored little ninja hates frogs and lizards but will do anything to help out his good friends ... de gozaru!

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  • Junko Hori
  • Masako Sugaya
  • Yuko Mita
  • Kaneta Kimotsuki
  • Kenichi Ogata
  • Eiko Yamada
  • Yuzuru Fujimoto
  • Yuri Nashiwa
  • Runa Akiyama
  • Issei Futamata