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Enola Holmes (2020)

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Move over, Sherlock! There’s a new Holmes on the scene!

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Netflix has outdone themselves with this original movie based on Nancy Springer’s series of Young Adult fiction books. This series focusses on the younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. After their mother’s disappearance the elder Holmes children return to their family home; one to settle their little sister in a boarding school and the other to work out the mystery of their mother’s disappearance.

As imagined, young Miss Homes has no intention of entering a boarding school to fast-track her path to becoming a ‘proper’ lady and desirable marriage material. She gives her brothers the slip after discovering a series of clues and aids her mother left behind for her. As Enola sets of to find her mother she stumbles into another mystery and this one is life or death for a young viscount.

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The story is interesting and well-paced but what makes this flick magic is the casting. Millie Bobbie Brown fills the screen to overflowing. She has a natural ability to win the audience and bring them into her confidence with a wink and a nod. She absolutely nails the physical components of the role while fully embodying the essence of Holmes.

The supporting cast of this film isn’t too shabby either. Helena Bonham Carter does her thing and makes her moments on screen as Eudora Holmes memorable. Henry Cavill (Sherlock) and Sam Calflin (Mycroft) are excellent as the Holmes brothers, each bringing nuance and yet the familiar tone the fans of Conan Doyle’s creation have come to expect.  Rounding out the lead cast, newcomer, Louis Partridge goes toe -to-toe with Brown on screen and more than holds his own.

Brown did more than star in this film, she played an active role in bringing the book to screen as a producer. The teen reportedly became interested in the Enola Holmes stories when she read the books with her sister. As the book was being adapted by writer, Jack Thorne, Brown worked collaboratively with him to leave room for improvisation and key moment when Enola would break the fourth wall. Initially, this story was meant for a theatrical release but because of COVID-19 a deal was struck with Netflix for a small screen release.

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While Enola Holmes was met with favourable reviews from critics not everyone is pleased with the film or the books it is based on. The estate of Conan Doyle is suing for copyright infringement but that hasn’t deterred the production team from exploring the possibility of filming a sequel in the near future.

The combination of a strong story, a brilliant cast and just the right amount of unconventional film making makes this a must-see flick for family night. So, gather your people and settle in for the new Holmes on the block!

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