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My Unorthodox Life (2021)

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Move over Kardashians! There’s a new gamily in town and they are all Haart! This is My Unorthodox Life featuring the Haart family.

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Fashion queen and reigning CEO of a growing and diverse modelling empire, Julia Haart has vaulted into the world of unscripted television an seems right at home. Draped in high-end threads and usually discussing topics that would make even the most contemporary women blush, Ms. Haart has flung the doors wide open on her post-Orthodox life and has brought her whole family along for the ride.

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Just eight years ago Julia Haart, then Talia Hendler, was living a traditional orthodox Jewish life in a tight knit community in Brooklyn, New York. She was the mother of four children and, outwardly, she was the picture of a dedicated wife and mother. Inwardly, she was struggling with her mental health as the restricted lifestyle of the community was stifling her natural personality and interests.

Days after her eldest daughter’s wedding, Julia fled the Haredi community and began her journey to completely redefining herself. Within a few years, Haart was the founder and owner of a designer shoe company. As she built her career she was simultaneously deconstructing her life, her faith and her understanding of what is possible in life.

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My Unorthodox Life is just the next step in the free-spirited Haart’s reimagined life. The show focuses on her family and how they are finding their way in the secular world. cameras follow her, her three grown children and her youngest son, whom she shares custody with her ex-husband, still in the Haredi community.

The show is outrageous and funny and poignant at times. Though unscripted, it is still heavily produced and quite evidently a vehicle to flog the family’s business ventures. This doesn’t take away from the draw of the show, though. It’s still an intriguing foray into the world of the orthodox faith and the journey of integrating into secular society.

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Despite some criticism from the Jewish community, Haart is adamant that she is not anti-Semitic but simply living her life and sharing her journey. She talks frequently of free choice, authenticity and the dangers of conformity. Despite the bizarre world of the ultra-rich and fashion forward, the show has a touching undertone of compassion and hope.

My Unorthodox Life is definitely an interesting watch and a binge-worthy chose for these late days of summer. Check it out, now streaming on Netflix.

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