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Seaspiracy (2021)

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Seaspiracy is Netflix’s latest environmental documentary and it is sure to challenge your thoughts on the global seafood industry. Film maker, Ali Tabrizi, goes on a worldwide trek to expose the harms of human habits of consumerism on the vital yet fragile ocean ecosystem and what he discovers is much more alarming than he had first expected.

Tabrizi begins his journey of discovery fueled by a childhood fascination of dolphins and whales that morphed into deep concern for the longevity of these curious and magnificent ocean creatures. The documentary opens reporting on the increased number of beached whales, dead from bellies full of plastics.

A globe caught up in a trawling net with hundreds of fish
Image Courtesy of TMDb

Investigating the harm of plastics and the domino effect that the high numbers of large mammal deaths has on the health of the ocean in general. From there, Tabrizi investigates the many ways commercial fishing industries cause widespread devastation and human rights violations across the globe.

As Seaspiracy proceeds one horrific truth reveals ten more terrible issues that surround and effect the health of our planet’s oceans. From piracy to organic pollution to the falsity of sustainable fishing to slavery, this documentary covers an overwhelming breadth of information.

Each topic as important and terrifying as the next and Tabrizi handles each topic with heart and intense research. He immersed himself in each leg of the investigation wholly which led to more than a couple near misses with crooked authorities and corrupt industry heavy weights.

In the end, Seaspiracy is a frightening tale of vital information. Our world’s eco systems are interconnected in a much more intricate way than we could ever imagine. Though what happens at sea seems a million miles away from our land lubbers every day life, we are each deeply connected to our earth, our seas and each other. Seaspiracy reminds us of that – starkly and unequivocally.

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