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Title: The Gentlemen underneath a glass of whisky with a gun shaped ice cube

The Gentlemen (2019)

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Guy Ritchie fans, brace yourself because he’s done it again. The Gentlemen is another action-packed flick with fast talking criminals, intricate, inter-connected storylines and his signature quick-cut action sequences – not to mention the star-studded cast of your dreams!

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Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, Henry Golding and Colin Farrell are just a few of the big names that fill out this stunning cast. Each of them embodies the personalities, quirks and motivations of their respective characters to a T. McConaughey is perfection as the lone American in this melee of British baddies. He portrays, Mickey Pearson, a scholarship student turned cannabis king who is targeted by rivals and wannabe partners as he contemplates retirement.

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The story is told and retold through a series of conversations between Fletcher (Hugh Grant) a private investigator hired by a disgruntled tabloid owner and Raymond (Charlie Hunnam), Mickey’s right-hand man. In typical Ritchie fashion, all of the major players in this story are connected and inter-connected with one another through various sketchy business dealings and bizarre happenstance, which make this film a delight in the same vein as Snatch and the Sherlock Holmes film franchise.

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While each character is interesting and has their moment to shine, it’s Hugh Grant who steals the show. Plating against the awe-shucks leading man of the last couple of decades, he is emerging as a seriously talented character actor. He fills Fletcher’s boots with whimsy, grit and an excellent style of delivery. There is not a single scene he’s in where he doesn’t thrill and delight.

This whole flick unfolds like a fantastic yarn your old uncle spins over a brew or two where each retelling becomes more outrageous than the last. After all these years, Guy Ritchie still has what it takes to keep us on the edge of our seats, laughing at what we shouldn’t and thrilling us with his fantastical tales. The Gentlemen is gritty, hilarious and well worth the watch.

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