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The Last Letter from Your Lover (2021)

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Two love stories, decades apart, connected through an accidental discovery is the premise for this film adaptation of Jojo Moyes‘ novel, The Last Letter from Your Lover. While not exactly an instant classic, this sweet romance flick will leave you feeling nostalgic.

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Director Augusine Frizzell, of Never Goin’ Back fame, brings a gifted cast together in this forbidden love story set simultaneously in the 1960s and modern times. The aesthetic of the 1960s story is gorgeous. Frizzell’s eye for mood paired perfectly with costume designer, Anna Robbins‘ deep understanding of timeless elegance and vintage cutting edge fashion. This combination makes The Last Letter from Your Lover an extremely visually interesting watch.

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The story focuses on Felicity Jones as journalist Ellie who is on the search for the people, and love story, behind a love letter she discovers. Shailene Woodley, as 1960s disconnected young wife, Jennifer Stirling, falls into a love affair with a journalist whom she meets through her husband. Over time the pair falls in love and writes a series of love letters to each other.

The affair ends abruptly when Jennifer suffers a car accident that wipes her memory completely. Decades later Ellie uncovers the full story and decides to play match-maker. In the process of trying to bring two star-crossed lovers together she finds love of her own.

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Shailene Woodley embodies the young socialite, Jennifer, completely. She is poised, elegant with just a touch of sass. Jennifer’s independent, yet conflicted, spirit shines through Woodley’s natural demeanor perfectly. Jones, for her part, provides a solid performance as slightly chaotic writer, Ellie. But it is Callum Turner, as Jennifer’s lover, Anthony, who steals the show. He is gentle and earnest and wonderful to watch onscreen.

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Released to mix reviews, The Last Letter from Your Lover, is a genuinely good movie for the genre. It is interesting and endearing and full of wonderfully charming moments. It is a perfect chick-flick pick. Streaming now on Netflix.

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