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What's New on Netflix UK

Here's what's new on Netflix UK today, with the most recent Netflix releases at the top. Check back often, as we are constantly updating this list throughout the day.

Is Flowers on Netflix UK?

Flowers: Season 1

Between a troubled marriage, a senile granny and twin siblings constantly in rivalry, a crumbling household struggles to barely keep it together. Life isn’t always rosy in any home. But this deliciously dysfunctional family’s issues are as thorny as it gets.

Details: Flowers: Season 1

Is Minute to Win It on Netflix UK?

Minute to Win It: Season 1

In this game show hosted by Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno, contestants compete by completing 60-second challenges using common household items. One minute could stand between them and a quarter of a million dollars. It's all about speed, so every second counts.

Details: Minute to Win It: Season 1

Is Idiotest on Netflix UK?

Idiotest: Season 1

Comedian Ben Gleib hosts this game show in which teams of two compete to solve increasingly tough brain teasers. Faster answers mean more money. Thinking through these tricky questions could earn you some cash. But what makes you think you're not an idiot?

Details: Idiotest: Season 1

Is Emogenius on Netflix UK?

Emogenius: Season 1

Two pairs of contestants go head-to-head for several rounds, deciphering puzzles and messages comprised of emojis for a chance at a $10,000 prize. Side-eye + dancing lady + smiley. It won’t take a detective to crack these codes -- but it pays to be a pop-culture pro.

Details: Emogenius: Season 1

Is F.R.E.D.I. on Netflix UK?


Venturing into the woods, high schooler James discovers an intelligent robot that he must save from the hands of a businessman with an evil scheme. She can talk, make repairs and protect people from danger. But in the wrong hands, she may wreak havoc on the world.

Details: F.R.E.D.I.

Is Shtisel on Netflix UK?

Shtisel: Season 1

A Haredi family living in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem reckons with love, loss and the doldrums of daily life.

Details: Shtisel: Season 1

Is Shtisel on Netflix UK?

Shtisel: Season 2

A Haredi family living in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem reckons with love, loss and the doldrums of daily life.

Details: Shtisel: Season 2

Is Anjaan: Rural Myths on Netflix UK?

Anjaan: Rural Myths: Season 1

Spine-chilling stories of malevolent spirits unfold in villages, jungles and haunted buildings across India.

Details: Anjaan: Rural Myths: Season 1

Is Sad Hill Unearthed on Netflix UK?

Sad Hill Unearthed

An eclectic group of fans of 1966's "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" attempt to restore the cemetery set in Spain where the movie's climax was filmed. To reconstruct an abandoned film set after nearly 50 years will take some serious effort. Cue the movie buffs.

Details: Sad Hill Unearthed

Is Bait on Netflix UK?


Tsunami survivors trapped in a submerged grocery store discover a threat worse than drowning: bloodthirsty sharks lurking in the water.

Details: Bait