What's New on Netflix UK: New Releases

New Releases for Netflix UK

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases for Netflix UK.

Is Diary of the Dead on Netflix UK?

Diary of the Dead

While filming a low-budget horror film, Jason (Joshua Close) and his film school friends hear news reports of zombie sightings. As the living dead close in on the film crew, Jason seizes the opportunity to add real blood and guts to his movie. Meanwhile the American government promises to stop the violent uprising, but the relentless zombies gain an advantage by wiping out all forms of communication with the outside world.

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Is Kita Kita on Netflix UK?

Kita Kita

When a tour guide in Japan goes blind after seeing her fiancé’s infidelity, she befriends a fellow Filipino keen to coax her out of the darkness. In one awful moment, her entire world clouded over. It’ll take an unlikely stranger to help her see its beauty again.

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Is Attack the Block on Netflix UK?

Attack the Block

When aliens attack a South London neighborhood, a teen gang pulls together to protect their turf by any means necessary. But extraterrestrials prove far more formidable than anyone they ever jumped on the streets.

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Is Nostalgia on Netflix UK?


A series of interwoven stories examines the ways in which the objects that we hold dear define who we are. They say you can’t take it with you. But what do our most prized possessions say about us while we’re still here?

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Is Clown on Netflix UK?


For his kid's party, a real estate agent dons a clown costume he found in one of his properties -- then discovers it's cursed. To amuse the kids, he put on that old clown costume he found abandoned in an attic. His first mistake might be his last.

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Is Orphan on Netflix UK?


Kate and John Coleman adopt 9-year-old Esther from an orphanage, but it doesn't take long for Kate to see through Esther's angelic façade.

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Is We Are Your Friends on Netflix UK?

We Are Your Friends

An ambitious young DJ who knows how to work a crowd puts everything at risk for a budding relationship with his mentor's girlfriend. One track is all it takes to break into the business. But talent and a laptop will only get you so far.

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Is The Tourist on Netflix UK?

The Tourist

An American tourist seeking solace for his broken heart instead finds it in danger again after encountering a beautiful Interpol agent. Little does the Yank know that the lady arranged their "chance" meeting and is using him to trap a thief.

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Is Source Code on Netflix UK?

Source Code

The government recruits a soldier for an investigation that places him in another man's mind and body to identify the culprits of a terrorist bombing.

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Is Spread on Netflix UK?


Playboy Nikki has a no-strings "arrangement" with successful lawyer Samantha, but when he meets waitress Heather, his plans to avoid love implode.

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