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New Netflix Releases for August 28, 2016


Most Haunted - Season 1

From pubs to castles, paranormal expert Yvette Fielding leads a team of investigators as they explore the most haunted sites in the United Kingdom. From spooky manors to pubs with spirits beyond vodka and whiskey, you can't escape what's scary. So go and find it.

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Enemies In-Law

To wed a beautiful detective, a crooks' son studies to become a cop, using his parents' criminal expertise to help his prospective bride solve a case. Her family has sworn to uphold the law. His is committed to breaking it. Does this romance stand a chance?

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The Exclusive: Beat the Devil's Tattoo

When a journalist discovers that his exclusive story on a serial killer was based on false information, he fabricates more lies to cover his mistake. He's spun a tangled web of lies, never expecting to end up caught in a snare of his own creation.

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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Season 1

In 1806, ambitious magician Norrell leads a revival of practical magic in England and ignites a fierce rivalry with bold young conjurer Strange. In this alternate past, magic is real and sorcerers are the comeback stars of British high society.

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Despite being neighbors, two sheep-farming brothers haven't spoken in decades. But if they want to save their flocks, they'll have to open a dialogue. These farmers have been estranged for 40 years. But all that's about to change. A deadly sheep epidemic will do that.

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The Concubine

She loves a commoner, but Hwa-yeon becomes the king's concubine and finds herself ensnared in court intrigue, sexual politics and revenge. An innocent beauty is forced into becoming the king's consort. To survive, she can't stay innocent for very long.

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Dawn of the Croods - Season 2

The world's first family is back for more laughs as they discover sports, sleepovers and other wonders in a world of exotic creatures and adventures. The first human. First tool. First house. First date night? For the first family, there's a first time for everything!

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A reclusive elderly poet feels the fire of his youth when gamine schoolgirl Eun-gyo enters his life, to the chagrin of the old man's assistant. He's a 70-year-old poet, she's a 17-year-old girl. But their sexually charged bond resists convenient labels.

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Glitter Force - Season 2

Five preteen girls learn they're a legendary superhero squad known as the Glitter Force. Their mission? To defend Earth from evil fairy-tale villains. They're sweet, sparkly and seriously powerful. And now it's up to these friends to save the world from dark forces.

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Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy:...

Grammy-nominated comedians Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy bring their distinctive brand of humor to a packed crowd in Minneapolis. They're legends of homestyle humor, teaming up on stage. And they've got a few new thoughts to share.

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La Hipocondriaca - Season 1

Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Macarena turns her chronic hypochondria into a quest for authenticity, even as her handsome doctor hides a secret. She's a hypochondriac, always convinced that she's sick or dying. Until she's actually given only six months to live.

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Man on High Heels

A homicide detective with a fearsome reputation is harboring a secret desire to become a woman. Just because he wants to change his sex doesn't mean he can't kick some criminals' butts.

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Once Upon a Time - Season 5

In this fantasy series, a young woman is drawn to a small Maine town and discovers that it's filled with elements of the fairy tale world. Understanding life is not a fairy tale was her reality. Finding out it was all a lie changes everything.

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This documentary takes an affectionate look at the strength, humor and heartaches of eight Brazilian Paralympic athletes since the 2012 London games. Stronger, faster, farther: no matter who you are. Nothing stops these Paralympic athletes on a four-year quest for gold.

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In the 19th century, a young Argentine priest returns home during a yellow fever epidemic and discovers a frightening connection to the supernatural. A deserted mansion holds a terrible secret. Even a priest isn't safe from its dark infection of madness.

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The Silenced

In the 1930s, a girl is sent to a boarding school where she notices that strange things are happening to her schoolmates. There's more happening behind the walls of this school than meets the eye. And whatever it is, it's something sinister.

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