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Netflix USA: What's New on Netflix

The Newest and Best Releases on Netflix USA and Netflix around the World!

If you're looking for the complete catalogue listing of What's New on Netflix around the World ... this is it! Netflix doesn't do a great job showing new titles as they arrive in different countries. This site is constantly checking for new titles (movies and TV shows) around the world, and is updated numerous times a day with the newest releases. Perfect for users in USA, but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

Use the flags in the Countries menu to switch to Netflix USA, Netflix Canada, Netflix Australia, or any other region worldwide.

What's New on Netflix USA

Here's what's new on Netflix USA today, with the most recent Netflix releases at the top. Check back often, as we are constantly updating this list throughout the day.

Step Up: All In

Continuing the Step Up street dance series, competitors gather in Las Vegas for the ultimate dance-off, including champions from the previous films. If this hotshot wants a future in the dance world, he'll have to let go of the past and head to Vegas.

Details: Step Up: All In

Here Comes The Boom: Ça Va Faire Boom

When budget cutbacks threaten his high school's music program, a physics teacher decides to moonlight as a mixed martial arts fighter to raise money.

Details: Here Comes The Boom: Ça Va Faire Boom

Tron: Legacy

While investigating the mysterious disappearance of his father, Kevin, techie Sam Flynn inadvertently lands in a beguiling computerized world of enslaved gladiators, where his dad has been living for more than 20 years.

Details: Tron: Legacy

Shrek Forever After

The fourth chapter of this fairy-tale series finds Shrek feeling less like a monster and more like a man in the midst of a midlife crisis.

Details: Shrek Forever After

Shark Tale

In this animated tale, an unlikely friendship forms between Oscar, a small fish whose big aspirations often get him into trouble, and Lenny, a great white shark with a surprising secret: He's a vegetarian.

Details: Shark Tale

Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

While Mom is away, a bored little boy and girl are visited by the Cat in the Hat, who proceeds to turn the house into the "mother of all messes."

Details: Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

Alexander and the Terrible...Very Bad Day

Eleven-year-old Alexander awakes to hints of a truly awful day. When his bad day spills over to the rest of his family, things go from bad to worse. When the day starts with gum stuck in his hair, Alexander can be certain of one thing: It'll only get worse from here.

Details: Alexander and the Terrible...Very Bad Day

Sardaarji 2

A simple farmer's life becomes complicated after he resolves to save his village from an economic crisis by traveling to Australia to earn money. To save his village, a farmer must weather the perils that await him in another country ... driving an ice cream truck.

Details: Sardaarji 2


An honest man dreams of a better life for his family, but a childhood friend leads him into a world of crime that keeps happiness just out of reach.

Details: Ujala

A Scandall

A film school graduate is interested in making a movie about his girlfriend's uncle, who claims that he can see his long-dead daughter. A man's claim that he can see his long-dead 9-year-old daughter is only a surface layer of darker truths.

Details: A Scandall