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A successful New York writer tries to reconcile her well-ordered life of privilege with her nomadic childhood ruled by a quixotic, unstable father.

Movies Based on Real Life, ヒューマンドラマ, Movies Based on Books, アメリカ映画
ディレクター: Destin Daniel Cretton
俳優: Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson, Naomi Watts, Max Greenfield, Sarah Snook, Robin Bartlett, Ella Anderson, Josh Caras

To celebrate a job well done, Tsuda makes himself a nice meal of panfried salmon with creamy walnut sauce, accompanied by a plate of peperoncino udon.

S.W.A.T. A Writer's Odyssey The Devil Wears Prada Titanic



Instant Family Wrath of Man Tusk ビートルジュース

While preparing for some voice acting work, Tsuda gets sidetracked and starts taking apart and cleaning more and more things around the house.




In 1990s Berlin, an artist and a hacker invented a new way to see the world. Years later, they reunite to sue Google for patent infringement on it.

TVヒューマンドラマ, 法廷・裁判をテーマにしたTV番組・ドラマ, 社会派TVヒューマンドラマ, ドイツ
俳優: Mark Waschke, Mišel Matičević, Leonard Scheicher, Marius Ahrendt, Lavinia Wilson, Seumas F. Sargent, Rauand Taleb, Elias Krischke, Marcel Heuperman, Johanna Polley

In this featurette, ART + COM members join the cast and crew of the show to discuss its factual basis and the development of the court case.

自然・科学ドキュメンタリー, 文化・社会ドキュメンタリー, 歴史ドキュメンタリー, Docuseries, 自然・科学TV番組, ドイツ
ディレクター: Gunnar Weber
俳優: Axel Schmidt, Pavel Mayer, Gerd Grüneis, Susanne Jaschko, Martin Silbernagl, Joachim Sauter, Robert Thalheim, Oliver Ziegenbalg