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May 7, 2021: there have been 2 new movies/shows/seasons/episodes released on Netflix Singapore today (so far):

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New on Netflix Singapore

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A mysterious, clever girl named Nanno transfers to different schools, exposing the lies and misdeeds of the students and faculty at every turn. She came from nowhere, and she’s exposing the truth behind these schools' perfect facades, one dirty secret at a time.

Stars of "The Circle" drop by to discuss Season 2's big winner, some juicy behind-the-scenes gossip and their enduring friendships with one another.

Comedies, Variety TV
Actors: David Spade, London Hughes, Fortune Feimster
Rush After We Collided Kung Fu Panda 3 I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

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Fear The Informer Freedom Writers Venom

When a ballroom dancer’s shot at a crucial tournament is jeopardized, a street dancer must face his own painful past and step up as her new partner.

Bollywood Movies, Dramas, Romantic Movies, Indian Movies, Hindi-Language Movies
Director(s): Stanley Menino D'Costa
Actors: Sooraj Pancholi, Isabelle Kaif, Rajpal Yadav, Waluscha D'Souza, Natasha Powell, Martin Rycroft, Amrit Maghera, Saqib Saleem

Seeking to win the affection of the same girl, two prankster seniors find themselves pitted against each other in the student elections.

Romantic Comedies, Comedies, Romantic Movies, Malaysian Movies
Director(s): Ismail Bob Hasim
Actors: Along Eyzendy, Along Cham, Nora Danish, Siti Chubby, Rahim R2, Pekin Ibrahim, Shahfiez Shamsuri, Mikail Andre

A hitman carries out a job that sows chaos among Kuala Lumpur's triads as a sheriff stays hot on his trail.

Action & Adventure, Comedies, Malaysian Movies
Director(s): Farid Kamil
Actors: Shaheizy Sam, Fizo Omar, Yana Samsudin, Puteri Mardiana, Fida Ibrahim, Azad Jazmin, Sasqia Dahuri, Chew Kin Wah

Aspiring model Bella marries Reza, who gets fed up with their constant quarreling and tries to end their relationship by asking a friend to seduce her.

Romantic Comedies, Dramas, Comedies, Romantic Movies, Malaysian Movies
Director(s): Eyra Rahman
Actors: Nora Danish, Kamal Adli, Azwan Kombos, Abam Bocey, Vicha Saywho, Anam Azizan, Sharisa Arif, Adriana Fareesha

Yılmaz Erdoğan's lauded stage play traces the life of wunderkind Gülseren as she navigates social and political change.

Social Issue Dramas, Dramas, Turkish Movies
Director(s): Yılmaz Erdoğan
Actors: Demet Akbağ, Zerrin Sümer, Sinan Bengier, Salih Kalyon, Bican Günalan, Şebnem Sönmez, Binnur Kaya, Serhat Özcan

A law student joins an anti-fascist group and finds herself sucked into increasingly dangerous situations and drawn more and more to violence. How to save the world? Trying to turn helplessness into something meaningful, a law student turns increasingly to violence.

Social Issue Dramas, Dramas, Thriller Movies, German Movies
Director(s): Julia von Heinz
Actors: Mala Emde, Noah Saavedra, Tonio Schneider, Luisa-Céline Gaffron, Andreas Lust, Nadine Sauter, Ivy Lissack, Hussein Eliraqui, Victoria Trauttmansdorff, Michael Wittenborn

On the way back home during Ramadan, two siblings encounter a man in the back of their taxi and become entangled in a kidnapping plot.

Comedies, Malaysian Movies
Director(s): A. Razak Mohaideen
Actors: Saiful Apek, Johan Raja Lawak, Jalaluddin Hassan, Mak Jah, Wan Sharmila, Noreen Noor, Fieka Bersamamu, Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin

A man takes his family on vacation with a used car that turns out to be stolen — and a wild journey awaits them.

Comedies, Malaysian Movies
Director(s): Aziz M. Osman
Actors: Azlee Jaafar, Wahid Mohd, Mazlan Pet Pet, Saiful Apek, Yassin Yahya, Syanie Hisham, Umie Aida, Al-Fariz Ismail