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Nov 28, 2022: there have been 21 new movies/shows/seasons/episodes released on Netflix Thailand today (so far):

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New on Netflix Thailand

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The king is dead. The last chimera ants leave East Goruto. Killua and his friends watch Gon. The Hunters prepare for president Netero’s succession.

The king knows that he was poisoned. He uses his En to find Palm and asks where Komugi is. He wants to spend his last days playing Gungi with her.

Chainsaw Man: Chainsaw Man: Gun Devil Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series The Age of Adaline

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Intouchables Tenet Graveyard Your Name

Pouf still hopes to get rid of Komugi. The king deploys his En and finds Welfin, who he then interrogates. Pouf’s secret might come out.

Pouf spreads his hypnotic scales on the crowd outside the palace. Yupi doesn’t know that Gon has killed Pitou. Their plan is stymied because of Gungi.

Pouf and Yupi do their best to make the king forget about Komugi but Pitou comes back, unaware of it all, and the victim is in Palm’s grasp.

Gon understands that something has happened to Kite. He becomes furious and risks his life by transcending himself. Killua rushes to his friend.

Pouf does his best to stop the king from remembering Komugi. Gon arrives at Peijin where Pitou has promised to treat Kite.

The king, resuscitated by his guards, goes back to the palace to get his memory back. Pouf is bent on killing Komugi so the king won’t remember her.

Pouf and Yupi find the king in agony after the explosion. There isn’t enough time for his guards to take him to Pitou. Pouf has a radical solution.

President Netero is at the site of the Rose Miniature explosion. Pouf and Yupi understand that a tragedy has occurred and go see where it took place.