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New Netflix Releases for January 20, 2017



Troubled and angry, an 11-year-old Texas orphan ends up in an East Coast boys' choir, where his talent is recognized by a demanding choir master. A angel-voiced boy in agony faces a new kind of challenge. Opportunity is fleeting, and talent is just the beginning.

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Alex Cross

Detective/psychologist Alex Cross faces off against a disturbing serial killer in this exciting action thriller based on James Patterson's novels. A cop at a career crossroads has his life upended by a sadistic predator who ruthlessly tortures his victims.

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After arrogant teenager Kyle humiliates a Goth classmate, she puts a curse on him that transforms him from a hunk into a hideous creature. She's a great beauty with a soul to match. He needs to learn a lot from her before his time runs out.

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Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale

Comedian Jim Gaffigan cuts loose on a variety of topics, including Hot Pockets, holidays, Catholicism and his favorite activity: doing nothing. Behold as one ordinary man dissects the casual insanity of Hot Pockets, bathrobes and bald cupcakes.

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Jim Gaffigan: King Baby

Jim Gaffigan offers up his take on bacon, bowling and other weighty topics in this stand-up performance filmed live in Austin on his 2008 comedy tour. He's an affable guy who appreciates life's simple pleasures, like processed meat and hitting the snooze button.

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Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe

Funnyman Jim Gaffigan offers up his unique take on everything from Disney World to overweight whales in this live show from Washington, D.C. From overweight whales to indoor pools, no topic is too small for one of the funniest, and palest, men on the planet.

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Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed

Comic Jim Gaffigan delivers his sardonic take on topics like eating, exercise, weddings and his five kids in this live stand-up special. He's obsessed with the most important things in life. Like doughnuts, biscuits, seafood and kale. And other food.

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A Late Quartet

After working together for 25 years, members of a famous string quartet are faced with tragedy when their leader receives a grim medical diagnosis. Passion. Ego. Jealousy. A string quartet’s approaching anniversary inspires a symphony of dysfunction.

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A sexual assault victim, unjustly tried for the attempted murder of her attacker, is defended by a retired lawyer who challenges India's rape culture. They had to change a culture in which no doesn't mean no -- and where the rapist is always right, no matter the truth.

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A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures

Sammy, a sea turtle, leaves the beach and spends the next 50 years exploring the world's oceans, all while trying to find his first love. Pursued by predators. Hindered by humans. A young sea turtle finds love and friendship on his epic journey home.

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Everybody Leaves

A little girl is torn between her artist mother and playwright father when they divorce and rethink their lives during turbulent times in 1980s Cuba.

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The final holdout in her historic beachside building in Brazil, a retired music critic refuses to sell her apartment to developers bent on demolition.

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Enlighten Us

This documentary digs deep to recount the saga of the superstar self-help guru convicted of negligent homicide in the deaths of three followers.

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Neal Brennan: 3 Mics

Wicked one-liners and soul-baring confessions converge in this uniquely intimate stand-up special from "Chappelle's Show" co-creator Neal Brennan. Stand-up. One-liners. Emotional stuff. Three microphones reveal the intricate layers of a unique comic mind.

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Max Rose

An aging jazz musician learns after his wife's death that she may have been unfaithful to him decades before.

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Berlin Calling

DJ Ickarus is at the top of his game, dazzling fans and touring the world -- until he gets locked in the loony bin after taking a few too many drugs. He's a music maker and a drug taker. Only a tortured genius could turn a stint in the psych ward into true art.

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