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Jun 15, 2021: there have been 13 new movies/shows/seasons/episodes released on Netflix Hong Kong today (so far):

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New on Netflix Hong Kong

Here's what's new on Netflix Hong Kong today, with the most recent releases at the top. Check back often! There are new arrivals throughout the day, and we are constantly updating this list.

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In this documentary, leading women scientists discuss the inequalities they've faced as they set out to create a new formula to make STEM open to all.

Science & Nature Docs, Documentary Films
Director(s): Ian Cheney, Sharon Shattuck

A career-focused woman convinces a colleague to pose as her boyfriend for a family visit — and must face a meddling mom and some unexpected feelings.

African Movies, Romantic Comedies, Dramas, Comedies, Romantic Movies
Director(s): Achille Brice
Actors: Syndy Emade, Alexx Ekubo, Solange Ojong, Nchifor Valery, Miss Li, Becky Takang, Anurin Nwunembom, Nkwah Kingsley, Roger Brice Sobgo, Jeanne Mbenti
Midsommar Angel Has Fallen Level 16 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

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18 Again The Heroic Legend of Arslan She's the Man The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil

A food-blogging insurance agent encounters a friend from elementary school with a vendetta against him — but soon becomes her sidekick.

TV Comedies, Romantic TV Comedies, Thai
Director(s): Sarawut Wichiensarn
Actors: Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Mawin Taweephol, Nat Sakdatorn, Maneerat Kham-uan, Jaturong Mokjok, Pisamai Wilaisak, Rudklao Amratisha, Chatchaya Suthisuwan, Panapong Khaisang, May Haas

Responsible for the terrible car accident years earlier that left her sister disfigured, Christy finds herself haunted by frightening premonitions.

Horror Movies, Thriller Movies, Mysteries, US Movies
Director(s): Dagen Merrill
Actors: Nora Zehetner, Matthew Settle, Carly Pope, Gabrielle Rose, Jessica Amlee, Warren Christie, Brenna O'Brien, Patrick Gilmore, Don S. Davis, John Emmet Tracy, Tom McBeath

Maternity leave is over and it's time for these four moms to return to work while navigating kids, bosses, love and life in modern-day Toronto.

Fun-loving friends Daisy and Cole use music and imagination to solve problems in a town filled with nursery rhyme characters.

After terrorists trigger a nuclear blast in Russia, a U.S. Special Forces intelligence agent and a nuclear weapons expert come to the rescue.

Action & Adventure, Spy Movies, Military Movies, US Movies
Director(s): Mimi Leder
Actors: George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Marcel Iures, Aleksandr Baluev, Rene Medvesek, Gary Werntz, Randall Batinkoff, Jim Haynie, Alexander Strobele, Holt McCallany

When 9-year-old Chiyo is sold to a geisha house, she endures harsh treatment from the owners and the head geisha, who's envious of Chiyo's beauty.

Dramas, Romantic Movies, Movies Based on Books, US Movies
Director(s): Rob Marshall
Actors: Zhang Ziyi, Ken Watanabe, Koji Yakusho, Michelle Yeoh, Kaori Momoi, Youki Kudoh, Gong Li, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Mako Iwamatsu, Navia Nguyen, Karl Yune

Do you want to relax, meditate or sleep deeply? Personalize the experience according to your mood or mindset with this Headspace interactive special.

Special Interest, Docuseries, US TV Shows, Documentary Films, Lifestyle
Actors: Andy Puddicombe, Evelyn Lewis Prieto, Ginger Daniels, Darren Pettie, Simon Prebble, Rhiannon Mcgavin, Kate Seftel

When a man's SUV breaks down and his wife hitches a ride to get help, never to return, he launches a desperate search to find her.

Action & Adventure, Crime Movies, Mysteries, US Movies
Director(s): Jonathan Mostow
Actors: Kurt Russell, J.T. Walsh, Kathleen Quinlan, M.C. Gainey, Jack Noseworthy, Rex Linn, Ritch Brinkley, Moira Sinise, Kim Robillard, Thomas Kopache