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Oct 27, 2020: There have been 2 new movies/shows/seasons/episodes released on Netflix Canada today (so far):

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  • Borat
  • Spider-Man: Far from Home
  • Call Me by Your Name
  • 100 días para enamorarnos
  • Beetlejuice
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

New on Netflix Canada

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An Argentine journalist strives to prove that his countryman, tennis star Guillermo Vilas, was wrongly denied the No. 1 world ranking in the 1970s. A great tennis champion seeks the recognition he earned. Decades later, will an obsessive quest finally settle the score?

Sports Documentaries, Biographical Documentaries, Social & Cultural Docs, Sports Movies, Argentinian Movies, Sports & Fitness, Documentary Films
Director(s): Matías Gueilburt

Armed with tools and engineering smarts, monkey mechanic Chico Bon Bon and his Fix-It Force help the people of Blunderburg solve all of their problems. Got a problem? This clever monkey and his can-do team can solve it! When the banana phone rings, they're on call.

Your Name The Craft The Wolf of Wall Street Kung Fu Panda 3

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Darling in the Franxx John Wick: Chapter 2 Tokyo Ghoul LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: King of Shadows

Meet The Satanic Temple, a provocative group whose crusade for religious freedom includes challenging corruption and having a devilish sense of humor. They're determined to uphold the separation of church and state. And the devil's work is never done.

Social & Cultural Docs, Political Documentaries, Documentary Films
Director(s): Penny Lane
Actors: Lucien Greaves

A sound engineer falls for a model but after an unfortunate accident, he fights to save their love by triggering her senses. Their bond is magnetic. But when circumstances make her slip away, he is determined to get her back on his wavelength.

Romantic Dramas, Dramas, Middle Eastern Movies, Independent Movies, Romantic Movies, Romantic Independent Movies
Director(s): Philippe Aractingi
Actors: Hadi Bou Ayash, Ruba Zarour, Yara Bou Nassar, Rafik Ali Ahmad, Joseph Bou Nassar, Lama Lawand

This documentary dissects Lebanon's present-day paradoxes stemming from years of conflict as the director attempts to reconcile with her nation's past.

Social & Cultural Docs, Middle Eastern Movies, Documentary Films
Director(s): Rana Eid
Actors: Rana Eid

A baker by day and demon fighter by night, a reincarnated deity must jog his amnesiac lover's memory of their millennium-long romance. He's a deity, and so is she. He fell from the sky, and she doesn't recall who she was. Will she keep him grounded?

TV Mysteries, Taiwanese TV Shows, Fantasy TV Shows
Director(s): Chang Chin-jung, Chen Rong-hui
Actors: Mike He, Ivy Shao, Anson Chen, Jane Chang, Roy Chang, Amanda Chou, Johnny Yang, Yin Chao-te, Tan Ai-Chen, Chen Bor-jeng, Dewi Chien

In the 1960s, Australian singer Helen Reddy struggles with misogyny in the music business — until she records an anthem for the women's movement. She's broke and divorced, a single mom with a canceled record contract. But the world is about to hear her roar.

Movies Based on Real Life, Music, Social Issue Dramas, Showbiz Dramas, Australian Movies, Dramas
Director(s): Unjoo Moon
Actors: Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Danielle Macdonald, Evan Peters, Chris Parnell, David Lyons, Matty Cardarople, Dusty Sorg

Despite differing pasts, Dal-mi and In-jae fight for their dreams at the same starting line. Ji-pyeong sets out to protect Dal-mi and help Do-san.

A film student from Canada decides to follow the love of his life to Italy, where complications quickly ensue.

Movies Based on Real Life, Comedies, Independent Movies, Canadian Comedies, Canadian Movies, Canadian Independent Movies, Critically-acclaimed Canadian Movies
Director(s): Ricardo Trogi
Actors: Jean-Carl Boucher, Sandrine Bisson, Juliette Gosselin, Claudio Colangelo, Alexandre Nachi, Mamoudou Camara, Mara Lazaris, Roberto Citran

Torn between the mighty empire that raised him and his own tribal people, a Roman officer's conflicted allegiances lead to an epic historical clash. Separated in childhood. Raised as enemies. Now they must reunite – in order to defeat the world's mightiest empire.

TV Action & Adventure, TV Dramas, Epics, German TV Shows
Creator(s): Arne Nolting, Jan Martin Scharf, Andreas Heckmann
Actors: Laurence Rupp, Jeanne Goursaud, David Schütter, Ronald Zehrfeld, Nicki von Tempelhoff, Bernhard Schütz, Eva Verena Müller, Sophie Rois, Gaetano Aronica, Nikolai Kinski, Jeremy Miliker