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If you're looking for the complete catalogue listing of What's New on Netflix around the World ... this is it! Netflix doesn't do a great job showing new titles as they arrive in different countries. This site is constantly checking for new titles (movies and TV shows) around the world, and is updated numerous times a day with the newest releases. Perfect for users in Canada, but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

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Here's what's new on Netflix Canada today, with the most recent Netflix releases at the top. Check back often! Netflix has new releases throughout the day, so we are constantly updating this list.

Stay Tuned! Mar 21 2019

Stay Tuned!

Japanese TV Shows, TV Shows based on Comics, TV Dramas, TV Comedies

She's the most unlikely candidate to ever stumble into the role of a reporter, and she’s keeping everyone on their toes with her eccentric ways. She has her colleagues at the network at a loss for words. She’s a walking disaster, but where she goes, great TV follows!

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The Super Parental Guardians Mar 21 2019

The Super Parental Guardians

Crime Movies, Crime Action & Adventure, Action Comedies, Comedies, Dark Comedies, Action & Adventure, Filipino Movies, LGBTQ Movies, Crime Comedies

Following his best friend's death, Arci takes charge of her two boisterous children with some help from their gang-affiliated uncle.

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Vince and Kath and James Mar 21 2019

Vince and Kath and James

Movies based on Books, Romantic Movies, Teen Movies, Filipino Movies, Teen Romance

Love can be complicated, especially when Vince agrees to secretly woo Kath via text on behalf of James -- while falling for her, too. James likes Kath. Kath likes Var. Var is really Vince, who is pretending to be James. Confused? So are they.

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Mar 21 2019

Antoine Griezmann: The Making of a Legend

Sports Movies, Sports Documentaries, Documentaries

With heart and determination, Antoine Griezmann overcame his small stature to become one of the world’s top soccer players and a World Cup champion. From underestimated kid to World Cup champion, this French soccer hero traveled a long road to the top of his sport.

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The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin Mar 21 2019

The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin

Crime Movies, Crime Action & Adventure, Action Comedies, Comedies, Action & Adventure, Filipino Movies, LGBTQ Movies, Crime Comedies

Now a celebrity, Benjie is tasked with taking care of a General's young son, who has information about a looming terrorist threat.

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The Unmarried Wife Mar 21 2019

The Unmarried Wife

Dramas, Romantic Movies, Filipino Movies, Romantic Dramas

Tired of her husband's cheating, Anne begins a passionate new relationship -- while still wondering if she should give her marriage another chance.

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The Third Party Mar 21 2019

The Third Party

Romantic Comedies, Dramas, Romantic Movies, Comedies, Filipino Movies, Romantic Dramas, LGBTQ Movies

When aspiring fashion designer Andi reconnects with her ex-boyfriend Max, she's surprised to learn that he's in a relationship with a man.

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Mar 21 2019

The Wedding Curse

Filipino Movies, Horror Movies, Supernatural Horror Movies

Two weddings marred by tragedy lead the respective brides to believe that that they've been cursed by an old cultural superstition. Their wedding days should have been the happiest of their lives. Not the first steps of a harrowing nightmare.

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