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Netflix doesn't do a great job showing new titles as they arrive in different countries. This site is constantly checking for new titles (movies and TV shows) around the world, and is updated numerous times a day with the newest releases. We've recently added Netflix India, Pakistan, Russia, and more! Perfect for users in USA, but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

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New Netflix Releases for May 4, 2016


4 Ep Example Show for Automation - Season 1

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The Keeping Room

Near the end of the Civil War, two rogue Union soldiers assail two Southern women and their slave, who rally to hold their attackers at bay. The war has cost them their menfolk, their culture and their dignity. Now, it may cost them their lives.

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Shanghai Knights

Dynamic duo Chon Wang and Roy O'Bannon are in London to avenge the murder of Chon's father but end up on an even bigger case involving the royals. A martial arts master and his outlaw sidekick let loose in 19th century London. Scores to settle, royals to save.

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| Action Thrillers | Action Comedies | Comedies | Action & Adventure |


Shark Lake

An exotic animal dealer accidentally lets a bull shark loose in Lake Tahoe, and the ravenous creature wreaks havoc on the peaceful town. A felon finds himself caught between gangsters and a killer shark. They're all about to swim into each other. Lunchtime!

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| Thrillers | B-Horror Movies | Horror Movies |


Arabian Nights: Volume 1, The Restless One

To forestall his execution, a film director spins whimsical tales-within-tales about a rude rooster and other satires of Portugal's economic woes. Sexually aroused businessmen. Portuguese austerity. These are the tales spun by a doomed woman as told by a doomed man.

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| Satires | Dramas | International Dramas |


Arabian Nights: Volume 2, The Desolate One

Captive Scheherazade continues her sardonic commentary on Portuguese austerity via tales of a murderer turned folk hero, stolen cows and a roving dog. A killer on the loose, mail-order brides and a genie: Can these fables spare this crafty woman's life?

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| International Dramas | Dramas | Satires |


Arabian Nights: Volume 3, The Enchanted...

Fearing that her trickery is wearing thin, Scheherazade steps into her own documentary-like tale about impoverished old men who train birds to sing. Time's up for this doomed bride, but she's got a final gambit: star in her own story about old guys who capture finches.

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| Dramas | Satires | International Dramas |


Ava's Possessions

A young woman joins a support group for survivors of demonic possession to help her recover from a recent exorcism and expose her repressed memories. Evicting a demon from your body should mean a fresh start, unless the cure turns your life into hell on earth.

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| Satires | Comedies | Independent Movies |


Bikes vs Cars

Interviews with urban planners and studies of traffic-related problems in major cities reveal the benefits of large-scale bicycle commuting. Noise, pollution, traffic jams and glacial commutes: Why aren't more cities pushing bike-based transportation?

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| Documentaries | International Movies | Social & Cultural Docs |


The Champions

This documentary follows the pit bulls that are rescued from the dogfighting ring of NFL quarterback Michael Vick and given a second chance at life. The dogfighting ring was shuttered. But to save the dogs, one group proved that a loving home is the best therapy.

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| Science & Nature Docs | Documentaries |


Echelon Conspiracy

Max's cell phone receives messages that allow him to win at casino betting. But his excitement turns to terror when he learns killers are after him. A computer engineer's life is vastly improved when he finds a cell phone that ... knows things. Now he knows too much.

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| Mysteries | Action Thrillers | Action & Adventure | Spy Action & Adventure |


The Messenger

This documentary looks at the history of songbirds and speculates on what losing this imperiled species could mean for humanity. It's time to wonder what kind of a world we'll all be living in when the birds are no longer singing.

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| Science & Nature Docs | Documentaries | Social & Cultural Docs |


Unsealed: Alien Files - Season 2

Each episode of this chilling series reveals newly declassified truths about extraterrestrial visitation, close encounters and government cover-ups. The government always denied it. But in 2011 the game changed. Secret bases, a presidential meeting. Bunk or fact?

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| TV Documentaries | TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy | TV Shows | Documentaries | Alien Sci-Fi |


Fried - Season 1

A gang of underdogs faces daily humiliations in their jobs at a fast-food restaurant dealing with customers -- and each other. They toil in a greasy fried-chicken joint. The only thing worse than their prospects are their deep-fried attitudes.

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| TV Shows | TV Comedies | British TV Shows |



When a scientist from a team working on a time-travel project manages to leap one hour ahead, he returns with some shocking news. Time travel can be dangerous. But none of these scientists expected the danger to come from each other.

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| Crime Thrillers | Sci-Fi Thrillers | Thrillers |


The Queen of the Damned

A reincarnated vampire queen and vampire-turned-rock-star Lestat join forces to take over the world, but a group of ancient vampires aim to stop them. Even the ultimate vampire power couple has enemies. A war for the fate of our souls is brewing.

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| Vampire Horror Movies | Supernatural Horror Movies | Horror Movies |

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