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What’s New this June

June 1, 2021

The beginning of the month is always an exciting time on Netflix as dozens of new series, movies and documentaries are announced. This month is no different with old favourites and new finds to enjoy and explore. Here’s the lowdown.

Old Favourites

A man standing with a gun pressed to the neck of another man
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Air Force One drops on June 1 and it brings all of the action, one-liners and intrigue you remember. Harrison Ford stars as President James Marshall who, while travelling on Air Force One with his family, goes toe-to-toe with Russian terrorists determined to take down the place, his presidency and the nation. Gary Oldman, Glenn Close and Wendy Crewson round out this impressive cast.

Two men standing together
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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is widely acknowledged as the film that launched Leonardo DiCaprio from an actor to film star. He stars alongside Johnny Depp in this 1993 film about a young man in rural Iowa who is responsible for the care of his obese mother and mentally challenged brother. Upon meeting a free-spirited newcomer, Depp’s character must choose between freedom, love and responsibility.

An animated picture od a toddler eating out of a bowl on the floor beside his two dogs
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The Secret Life of Pets 2 is not that old of a film but it is certainly a family favourite. In the second glimpse into the life of Max the terrier, the poor pooch is dealing with the chaos of a new wife and baby in his house. And if that isn’t enough, Max is dragged along for a family adventure in the country. But Max is a city dog and farm life is almost more than he can bear!

New Finds

A mother holding her sleeping daughter
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Awake is dystopian thriller dropping on June 9 starring Gina Rodriguez as, Jill, a former soldier caught in a dilemma of duty to country verses duty to family. A global event has wiped out all electronics and has somehow disrupted the sleep patterns of people around the world. The sudden bout of world-wide insomnia threatens the survival of humanity but Jill realizes her daughter may be the key to saving the world – but at what cost?

A young Indian girl, sitting by a wall holding a skateboard
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SkaterGirl is a coming of age story set in rural India. Debuting on Netflix on June 11, this heart-warming story unfolds against the backdrop of societal expectations and the struggle to embrace ones authentic self. When Jessica, a western born executive, arrives in a rural village to discover more about her family connections, she meets Prerna, a young girl about to step into young adulthood, and introduces her and her friends to the art of skateboarding. The board is more than a hobby for Prerna, it becomes a vehicle for self-discovery.

A father sleeping in a crib with his infant daughter asleep on his chest
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Fatherhood is a full emotional ride as Kevin Hart steps into the role of a grieving widower with an infant daughter. Based on a true story, newly single dad, Matthew Logelin navigates the ups and downs of infancy and beyond with his young daughter as he comes to terms with life’s unexpected twists and turns. Tears of laughter and sorrow seem to balance each other out in this flick that arrives on June 18 – just in time for Father’s Day.

Check out the full list of June’s offerings on Netflix here.

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