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About Us

What's New on Netflix is run by Josh (me) from Vancouver, BC, Canada. One way to describe what I offer is an unofficial "Netflix News/Information Site". Another way would be "the universe's best, most amazing, Netflix site anywhere"...your choice...

I first started collecting Netflix new releases in 2011. I somehow discovered that a blockbuster movie was available on Netflix, and yet I couldn't find it in the Netflix interface without searching for it specifically. This seemed like a problem that needed fixing, and I've been working on that problem every since.

We are NOT connected with, endorsed by, or in any other way affiliated with Netflix itself. The information we provide is unofficial and gathered by us and our fancy programs and algorithms. We have had so many people confuse us with Netflix itself that we try to make this as clear as possible!

The Team

Can there be a team of 1? I hope so, because that's the team right now. However I am looking to expand and offer more news and Netflix-related information, so stay tuned (or contact me if you think you have something to offer):

Josh - Owner, Operator, Chief Cook and Bottlewasher

I'm the brains behind What's New on Netflix, so you can be amazed that it works at all. My favourite part of all this is the coding behind the scenes.

Vagh - Klingon Algorithm

I know I said this was a team of 1, but I've spent so much time on the latest algorithm that I named it "Vagh" and made it part of the team too!