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If you're looking for the complete catalogue listing of What's New on Netflix around the World ... this is it! There are new movies and shows being released on Netflix every day, but it's often hard to find them. This site is constantly checking for new releases around the world, and is updated numerous times a day. Perfect for users in any country but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

Here's a sampling of new movies, tv shows, and original series released to Netflix today around the world, with the most recent arrivals at the top. Choose a country using the menu at the top for titles specific to a netflix region, and then check back often, as we are constantly updating the lists throughout the day.

Eminent mathematicians, particle physicists and cosmologists dive into infinity and its mind-bending implications for the universe.

Science & Nature Docs, US Movies, Documentary Films
Director(s): Jon Halperin, Drew Takahashi

In this documentary, director Isa Grinspum Ferraz explores the life of her uncle Carlos Marighella as a militant in 1960s Brazil.

Brazilian Movies, Biographical Documentaries, Historical Documentaries, Political Documentaries, Brazilian Documentaries, Documentary Films, Brazilian, Social & Cultural Docs
Director(s): Isa Grinspum Ferraz
Actors: Lázaro Ramos

After finding a mysterious gramophone, two teenagers open a pathway between two worlds and bring in a fugitive from another dimension.

Kids & Family Movies, Family Movies, Polish
Director(s): Tomasz Szafrański
Actors: Maciej Makowski, Szymon Radzimierski, Weronika Kaczmarczyk, Kamila Bujalska, Alicja Dabrowska, Janusz Andrzejewski, Mikołaj Grabowski, Łukasz Matecki, Piotr Janusz

Before an aspiring stand-up comic competes in a talent showcase, he must contend with a superstar who he publicly ridiculed to gain viral notoriety.

Director(s): Leslie Small
Actors: Jay Pharoah, Katt Williams, RonReaco Lee, Andy Allo, Deon Cole, Keke Palmer, Jonny Berryman, Valery M. Ortiz

Approaching 40, Ed leaves everything behind in Barcelona and travels across the US in search of his lifelong dream: to be a filmmaker in America.

Documentary Films, Spanish
Director(s): Ed Antoja
Actors: Ed Antoja

A young man and his friends set out for the adventure of a lifetime after he inherits a clue to finding ancient treasures from his grandfather.

Action & Adventure, Dramas, Middle Eastern Movies, Comedies, Mysteries, Egyptian
Director(s): Amir Ramsis
Actors: Ahmed Fahmy, Hesham Maged, Shikoo, Ahmed El-Fishawy, Farah Youssef, Izzat Amin

Join The Mozart Band and its four young members: Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Verdi, as they live out a host of classically symphonic adventures.

Kids & Family Movies, Family Movies, Family Cozy Time, Spanish
Director(s): Victor Pablo Perez
Actors: Graciela Molina, Juana Molina, Aurora García, Vicky Martinez

Assumed to be Muslim like many of his new public school peers, a young boy goes along with the misunderstanding, hoping to blend in with the crowd.

Middle Eastern Movies, Comedies, Egyptian
Director(s): Amr Salama
Actors: Ahmed Dash, Kinda Alloush, Ahmed Helmy, Samia Asaad, Muadh Nabil, Abu-Bakr Usamah, Muhammad Adel, Hany Adel, Muhammad Abdulazim, Bayoumi Fouad

This collection of Minions shorts from the "Despicable Me" franchise includes mini-movies like "Training Wheels," "Puppy" and "Yellow Is the New Black."

Kids & Family Movies, Comedies, Family Movies
Director(s): Yarrow Cheney, Bruno Dequier, Habib Louati, Thierry Noblet, Frank Baradat, Guy Bar’ely, Eric Favela, Regis Schuller, Benjamin Le Ster, Matt Nealon, Boris Jacq, Glen McCoy, Ken Daurio, Cinco Paul, Bruno Chauffard, Derek Drymos, Kyle Balda
Actors: Pierre Coffin, Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, Nev Scharrel, Garth Jennings, Taron Egerton, Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Raymond S. Persi, Chris Renaud, Danny Mann, Lori Alan, Greg Lastrapes, Scarlet Lastrapes