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Netflix Secret Codes Updated May 2024

What are the secret/hidden Netflix codes?

You may have heard about "secret Netflix codes" that Netflix uses, or how you can unlock hidden movies and TV shows. While this may sound like a hackers trick, it's actually not that complicated, and it's not really unlocking anything!

Netflix has a fairly large database of titles, and because they want to keep you happy, they show you movies and shows that they think you'll want to watch. What that also means is that they won't show you titles that they think you aren't interested in...

So these titles are essentially hidden from you, but they aren't being kept from you. You can access them by searching for them directly OR by browsing the genres and subgenres that Netflix uses to classify movies.

Where are the genres hiding?

What is a Netflix Genre?

These Genres are just categories that movies and shows are grouped under. Some you've seen before, and even appear in the Netflix menus:

  • Action
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • etc.

Some are crazy-specific, and we usually call these subgenres (although crazy-specific-genres might be more descriptive):

  • Action & Adventure starring Chuck Norris
  • Cerebral French-Language Movies from the 1950s
  • Suspenseful Sci-Fi & Fantasy based on Books
  • and lots more...

How to use these hidden Netflix codes

If you know the numeric code that goes with each Netflix genre/subgenre, you can get a list of all the movies on Netflix within that category. For example, the code for Spanish-Language Biographical Documentaries is 52855, and the code for Dramas directed by Sidney Lumet is 4571.

Netflix has a webpage for each genre/code, and you can either type the code in, or use the links in our list below to view those's that easy! Here's how the webpage URL are structured: is the page for code 52885 (which is Spanish-Language Biographical Documentaries)

Simply change the code at the end for whichever secret Netflix code you want to view, and you'll see what's available in your country under that category!

Spanish Language Documentaries Netflix page

Want to actually unlock movies that even secret codes can't give you?

Netflix has different movies that they make available in each country. Some countries have many more titles than other countries, maybe more than yours, and certainly different ones!

We've got instructions that will allow you to unlock these movies and TV shows using a VPN, allowing you to switch between countries and watch all these extra titles!

Check out our "Get American Netflix" page to learn how to watch American Netflix plus Netflix in over 50 other countries. And make sure you use the links on that page to sign-up, since we have an exclusive offer that will save you money!

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Complete List of Netflix genre codes

We've put in the effort of finding as many of these "secret codes" as we could so we could list them here. We've currently found 28296 of them!

Sometimes a code will be slightly different in different countries, or may not even exist. If you find a code that we don't have please contact us so we can update our list!

We've got three different ways that you can view the entire list. With so many hyper-specific categories, it's hard to know how to best display them! Each genre is a link to the Netflix genre page that will open in a new window, but you will need to be logged into Netflix to view them all.

Netflix Secret Codes

Alphabetical order, based on the name of the subgenre: