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Oct 18, 2021: there have been 11 new movies/shows/seasons/episodes released on Netflix United Kingdom today (so far):

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New on Netflix United Kingdom

Here''s what''s new on Netflix United Kingdom today, with the most recent releases at the top. Check back often! There are new arrivals throughout the day, and we are constantly updating this list.

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Nate and Malika are enslaved by a unicorn that can use its horn to control people's minds.

Nate buys a snow globe for his mother's birthday but accidentally breaks it and frees a fairy that turns everyone to ice.

Grey's Anatomy Tusk The Ice Road John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

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The Age of Adaline Fifty Shades Freed Wrath of Man Jumanji: The Next Level

Malika's favorite singer is set to perform at a charity concert but a mysterious double steals his voice.

Professor Toybos invents a spray that can turn animals into dinosaurs, and Nate accidentally uses it to turn Maurice into a T. rex.

Nate, Malika and Prudence try to stop aliens from opening a portal that will allow the invasion of Earth.

Nate and Malika are the first to arrive on the last day of school, just in time to see Prudence kidnapped by aliens.

Mistaken for a visiting king from another country, Nate tries to perform his royal duties.

Nate and Malika learn that two gremlins are planning a prank that will drench the city in sewage.

Nate and Malika discover a young werewolf who is still learning to control her transformations.

Worrying about a math test, a sleeping Nate gets trapped inside a dream about giant numbers.