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New Netflix Releases for January 17, 2017



The final holdout in her historic beachside building in Brazil, a retired music critic refuses to sell her apartment to developers bent on demolition.

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After they're abandoned by their families to die on a mountain in winter, 50 elderly women band together to create their own separate village. Fifty old women, abandoned by the world. Some just want to live out their days in peace, but others want revenge.

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When death claims one of its own, a gay club's tight-knit community of drag queens must convince her disapproving family to give her a proper burial. Family means something different to people outside society's norms. But the need for acceptance transcends death.

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Neal Brennan: 3 Mics

Wicked one-liners and soul-baring confessions converge in this uniquely intimate stand-up special from "Chappelle's Show" co-creator Neal Brennan. Stand-up. One-liners. Emotional stuff. Three microphones reveal the intricate layers of a unique comic mind.

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| Dark Comedies | Stand-up Comedy & Talk Shows | Comedies |


Little Sister

A former Goth studying to become a nun finds her faith tested when she returns home to visit her brother, who has been disfigured in the Iraq War.

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| Dramas | Comedies | Independent Dramas |



When a wise-guy podcaster interviews a disabled seafarer, he decides to embark on a transformational quest to track down a dangerous walrus-monster. It was the interview of his career. But what he walked into was a perverted horror experiment. And he was the subject.

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| Horror Movies |


Ca Monogatari H Na Kyakushitsu Joumuin

A frisky girl with a large chest tries her hardest to achieve her dream of following in her mother's footsteps and becoming a cabin attendant. An aspiring cabin attendant with significant bodily assets chases her dream. But the plot's not really that important.

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| Japanese Comedies | Japanese Movies | Comedies |


Jurassic Shark

After an oil company dislodges an enormous megalodon from the icy depths, a motley mix of college students and art thieves fight for survival.

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| International Horror Movies | Horror Movies | International Movies |


Oh, My Buddha!

Frustrated with the limitations of his single-sex religious high school, aspiring musician Jun heads to Oki island in search of a "free sex" paradise. It's 1974, and this Japanese teen has had enough of his staid parochial school. He's ready for a racy island adventure.

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| Japanese Dramas | Japanese Movies | Japanese Comedies |


Twisted Trunk, Big Fat Body

After terrorists place a bomb inside a toy Lord Ganesha, a child takes off with the dangerous doll, setting it on a course throughout all of Mumbai.

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| Dramas |


407 Dark Flight

Ten years after surviving a deadly supernatural event, a flight attendant returns to work to find she's aboard the same plane that tried to kill her.

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| International Movies | Horror Movies | International Horror Movies |



A young British soldier who's separated from his unit in Belfast at the height of Northern Ireland's Troubles must survive a night alone in the city. A British soldier caught in Belfast alone. When night descends, who is friend and who is foe?

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| Action & Adventure | Military Action & Adventure | Action Thrillers |


Another Happy Day

A divorcée attending the highbrow wedding of the son she barely knows tries to hold her own against a family that couches judgment in every smile. A big family wedding means one thing: jealousies, judgments and tantrums. Wait. That's three things. Let's party!

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| Independent Movies | Independent Dramas | Dramas |


Berlin Calling

DJ Ickarus is at the top of his game, dazzling fans and touring the world -- until he gets locked in the loony bin after taking a few too many drugs. He's a music maker and a drug taker. Only a tortured genius could turn a stint in the psych ward into true art.

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| German Dramas | Dramas | German Movies |


Blind Beast vs. Killer Dwarf

Dime-novel writer Monzo is going home when he spots a dwarf holding a severed arm, leading him and his friend Akechi into a bizarrely twisted mystery. A severed arm draws a novelist into a complex enigma of the depraved, the deformed and tons of excessive violence.

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| Dramas | Japanese Movies | Japanese Dramas |



Wealthy businessman Takayuki Komiyama must untangle a web of conspiracy and lies when his wife, Saori, suddenly disappears. He receives a phone call from a man who claims he's kidnapped Saori and wants a huge ransom... but all is not what it seems.

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