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New Netflix Releases for August 26, 2016


The Concubine

She loves a commoner, but Hwa-yeon becomes the king's concubine and finds herself ensnared in court intrigue, sexual politics and revenge. An innocent beauty is forced into becoming the king's consort. To survive, she can't stay innocent for very long.

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Dawn of the Croods - Season 2

The world's first family is back for more laughs as they discover sports, sleepovers and other wonders in a world of exotic creatures and adventures. The first human. First tool. First house. First date night? For the first family, there's a first time for everything!

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A reclusive elderly poet feels the fire of his youth when gamine schoolgirl Eun-gyo enters his life, to the chagrin of the old man's assistant. He's a 70-year-old poet, she's a 17-year-old girl. But their sexually charged bond resists convenient labels.

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Glitter Force - Season 2

Five preteen girls learn they're a legendary superhero squad known as the Glitter Force. Their mission? To defend Earth from evil fairy-tale villains. They're sweet, sparkly and seriously powerful. And now it's up to these friends to save the world from dark forces.

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Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy:...

Grammy-nominated comedians Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy bring their distinctive brand of humor to a packed crowd in Minneapolis. They're legends of homestyle humor, teaming up on stage. And they've got a few new thoughts to share.

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The Silenced

In the 1930s, a girl is sent to a boarding school where she notices that strange things are happening to her schoolmates. There's more happening behind the walls of this school than meets the eye. And whatever it is, it's something sinister.

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The lives of a budding DJ, his loyal pal, a hopeless romantic, a jaded has-been and a troubled couple intersect at an electronic dance music festival. A throbbing EDM scene is awash in fateful chance meetings, forking life paths and six strangers seizing their moments.

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The Exclusive: Beat the Devil's Tattoo

When a journalist discovers that his exclusive story on a serial killer was based on false information, he fabricates more lies to cover his mistake. He's spun a tangled web of lies, never expecting to end up caught in a snare of his own creation.

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After his twin brother dies, a tailor experiences increasingly strange hallucinations that lead to murderous rampages whenever he's near a dead body. There's a bond between twins that only death can break. But sometimes it extends beyond the grave -- way beyond.

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Happily Ever After

Two men struggle with fidelity and the constrictions of marriage, while their bachelor friend longs for a committed relationship. Life's hard and so is romance. Affairs, flirtations, pining for the one: Love is complicated (and hilarious) stuff!

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L'un reste, l'autre part

Art dealer Daniel starts an adulterous affair; his friend Alain does the same. How long can each man's heart remain divided between lover and family? Two aging art dealers each have an affair. Their joie de vivre returns, but is it true love or an escape from real life?

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99 F

Growing disgusted by his manipulative profession, an overpaid, cocaine-addled Parisian ad man rebels against the industry by sabotaging his career. He's a manipulative advertising exec who likes his money, his cocaine and his debauchery. Until he falls in love.

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Hoping to crush the Soviet empire, a crusading KGB agent plans to hand over evidence showing his agency's penetration of U.S. intelligence. What gives one man the power to bring the Soviet empire to its knees? He's a top KGB operative.

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When kickboxing champ Eric Sloane is crippled in the ring by the evil Tong Po, Eric's younger brother, Kurt, seeks vengeance. When his life is shattered by a ruthless savage, a furious coach becomes the kickboxer: a vengeful Muay Thai master.

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A teenager belonging to a nomadic Siberian tribe who raise reindeer is drawn to the wolves his people are dedicated to killing to protect their herd. He was supposed to hunt them down as mortal enemies. But something about these majestic wolves touched his heart.

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A movie-loving 10-year-old and her blind little brother trek to meet Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan for help in getting the boy an eye operation. Movies make their lives a little happier. They believe their hero can fix everything -- if they could just meet him.

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