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Mar 28, 2020: There have been 10 new movies/shows/seasons/episodes released on Netflix Austria today (so far):

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  • Fifty Shades Freed
  • John Wick
  • Pitch Perfect 3
  • DJ Cinderella
  • Pacific Rim: Uprising
  • The Post

New on Netflix Austria

Here's what's new on Netflix Austria today, with the most recent releases at the top. Check back often! There are new arrivals throughout the day, and we are constantly updating this list.

Singapore: Formula One, the Merlion, Sim Lim Square. Jay shows off telekinetic magic and sings "Love Confession" with JJ Lin at karaoke.

A man and a woman on the run from the law are drawn to each other through the common bond of their mutual dependency. The experience of having to evade the law together acts as a launchpad for romance between this pair of convicts.

Action & Adventure, Bollywood Movies, Crime Movies, Romantic Movies, Crime Action & Adventure, Indian Movies, Action Thrillers, Hindi-Language Movies
Director(s): Navneet Behal
Actors: Nikhil Dwivedi, Richa Chadda, Damandeep Singh Baggan, Vijay Pande, Talib Mehdi, Tushar Phulke, Mahesh Gupta, Prasad Labhe
Beetlejuice Darkest Hour Phantom Thread A Bad Moms Christmas

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The Circle Blockers Tully Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas (English Version)

While decluttering her home, a woman’s hefty house renovation leads her back to the past when she uncovers her ex-boyfriend’s belongings. She's throwing away possessions that no longer spark joy. But mementos from an ex make it hard to discard the memories.

Romantic Dramas, Dramas, Romantic Movies, Thai Movies
Director(s): Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
Actors: Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Sunny Suwanmethanont, Sarika Sartsilpsupa, Thirawat Ngosawang, Apasiri Nitibhon, Patcha Kitchaicharoen

While Harvey helps Jessica in Chicago, Louis defends Specter Litt in New York. Mike and Rachel fight for the clinic -- and make a surprise decision.

Mike takes charge on an emotional class action suit that could make or break the clinic. Harvey scrambles to fend off a surprise threat to the firm.

Mike and Harvey take the case of a wrongfully accused judge. Louis goes to war with Sheila's fiancé. Donna spars with the firm's duplicitous landlord.

Mike and Harvey play hardball to prevent factory jobs from being shipped overseas. Paula pressures Harvey to choose between loyalty and love.

While Harvey faces a dilemma over saving his father's legacy, Mike rolls the dice to help a friend and Louis confronts a painful event from his past.

Donna and Harvey face fallout from her impulsive decision. Louis plays hardball to help Jessica. Mike makes a gutsy move with a major new client.

In a colorful Seoul neighborhood, an ex-con and his friends fight a mighty foe to make their ambitious dreams for their street bar a reality. With tenacity, he'll get his revenge — and a chance to prove himself to a world that doesn't expect him to succeed.

TV Dramas, Korean TV Shows, K-dramas based on Webtoon
Creator(s): Kim Seong-yun, Gwang Jin
Actors: Park Seo-jun, Kim Da-mi, Yu Jae-myeong, Kwon Na-ra, Kim Dong-hee, Ahn Bo-hyun, Kim Hye-eun, Ryu Gyeong-su, Lee Joo-young, Chris Lyon