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Watch 365 Days in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide to Accessing the Steamy Romance Film

Watch 365 Days in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide to Accessing the Steamy Romance Film

Anthony Penner
Anthony Penner
August 28, 2023

Greetings, movie lovers! Today we're diving into the captivating world of 365 Days, the sizzling Polish erotic thriller that has taken the global streaming scene by storm. In this article, we'll be exploring all the different ways you can stream this gripping film right from the comfort of your home Down Under in Australia.

But first, let's talk about what makes 365 Days such a must-watch movie. Brace yourselves, folks, because this film is not for the faint-hearted. Based on the first novel of a thrilling trilogy by Blanka Lipińska, this rollercoaster of emotions follows the story of Laura Biel, a young woman from Warsaw who finds herself entangled in a dangerous and passionate affair with the enigmatic Sicilian crime lord, Massimo Torricelli. With its blend of sensuality, intrigue, and danger, it's no wonder that viewers around the world have been captivated by this steamy flick!

So grab your popcorn, get cozy on your couch, and prepare for a wild ride as we explore the different avenues to stream 365 Days in Australia. Whether you're a fan of intense action or compelling dialogue, this movie is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat, eagerly craving for more. Let's get started!

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Stream 365 Days in Australia: The Providers

Now that we've whetted your appetite for 365 Days, let's dive into the various streaming services that currently offer this enticing thrill-fest in Australia. Whether you're a die-hard Netflix fan or prefer streaming with a twist, we've got you covered!

  • Netflix: A household name in the streaming world, Netflix brings you 365 Days with its vast library of content. If you're a subscriber, simply open up your Netflix app, search for the movie, and you're ready to go!
  • Netflix: with ads: Looking for a slightly different streaming experience? Netflix now offers a version of their service with ads. Yes, you heard that right! It's a great option if you don't mind a few interruptions, and you can still enjoy 365 Days as part of their extensive lineup.

So, if you already have Netflix at your fingertips, you can dive into 365 Days right away by searching for it on your streaming app. But fear not if you don't have a subscription to either of these services just yet! We'll show you a clever way to unlock the movie using your existing streaming services in the following sections. Stay tuned!

Stream "365 Days" on Netflix Australia

Calling all Netflix aficionados! If you're already subscribed to the popular streaming platform, then you're in luck. You can experience the burning passion and gripping story of 365 Days with just a few simple clicks. It's as easy as opening up Netflix, searching for the title, and hitting that play button!

Exploring Other Streaming Options: No Dice on Amazon Prime

Attention, Amazon Prime enthusiasts! As much as we'd love to bring you news about being able to stream 365 Days on your beloved platform, sadly, it's not available on Amazon Prime in any country worldwide. But fear not! Keep reading, because there may be another streaming service you already have in your arsenal that offers this tantalizing film.

While the allure of Amazon Prime's vast library of movies and TV shows is undeniable, 365 Days has found its home elsewhere. So hold onto those Prime subscriptions for now, and let's explore a variety of other streaming platforms where you might just uncover the steamy and suspenseful world of Massimo and Laura.

Don't despair, dear movie lover! There are still plenty of exciting options to discover, so let's dive into the next streaming service on our quest to feast our eyes on 365 Days' captivating tale of love, danger, and enthralling passion!

HBO Max: Unavailable for this Thrilling Adventure

Calling all HBO Max subscribers in Australia! While this beloved streaming platform offers a plethora of exciting content, we regret to inform you that 365 Days is currently unavailable on HBO Max worldwide. But hey, don't despair just yet!

As dedicated movie enthusiasts, we understand the disappointment when a highly anticipated title isn't available on a particular platform. Fear not, dear reader! Keep scrolling and exploring the other sections of this article, because we have a sneaky suspicion that another streaming service you might already have could offer this exhilarating tale.

Exploring Disney+: Is "365 Days" Available?

Now, we know that Disney+ is the go-to streaming platform for a vast array of captivating movies and beloved TV shows. But, alas, as much as we'd love to indulge in the thrilling world of 365 Days on Disney+, we must face the disappointing truth: this scintillating Polish flick is not currently available on the platform, neither in Australia nor in any other country worldwide.

But fear not, dear reader! Just because it's not on Disney+ doesn't mean we're completely out of options. So, keep your streaming subscription(s) at the ready, because in the following sections, we'll explore alternative ways to satiate your desire for this intriguing film that has taken the world by storm. Who knows, there might be another streaming service you already have that provides access to 365 Days. So, let's dive in!

Stream or Buy 365 Days in Australia

Looking to stream or purchase 365 Days in Australia? While the options may be limited within the country, fear not, as we've got you covered. Just open up your favorite streaming app, make the payment, and get ready to dive into the intense world of 365 Days right now!

  • No streaming options for rent within the country
  • No streaming options for purchase within the country

How to watch 365 Days in Australia today

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A Captivating Game of Seduction and Danger

Prepare for an exhilarating journey as we delve deeper into the captivating plot of 365 Days. The story opens with a fateful encounter between Massimo Torricelli, the striking leader of the Sicilian Mafia, and Laura Biel, a vivacious woman from Warsaw. After witnessing a tragic incident that changes their lives forever, their paths cross again years later, leading to a series of events that are nothing short of riveting.

When Laura finds herself kidnapped by Massimo and brought to his luxurious villa in Italy, she is thrust into a world of dark desires, passion, and unyielding dominance. As Massimo reveals his true intentions, Laura realizes she has become a pawn in his dangerous game. Over the course of the next 365 days, Massimo aims to make Laura fall in love with him, pledging to give her freedom if she doesn't reciprocate his feelings.

Their complex relationship takes unexpected twists and turns, with moments of intense sensuality, emotional turmoil, and even violent confrontations with rival mafia families. Through the ups and downs, Laura teases Massimo while refusing to fully succumb to his desires, challenging him in ways he never anticipated. As their bond deepens, both characters must confront their pasts and navigate the blurred lines between love, obsession, and the price of freedom.

Behind the Scenes: Production and Beyond

Now that we've delved into the addicting plot of 365 Days, let's take a peek behind the curtain at the creative minds that brought this steamy sensation to life. Directed by Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes, this Polish erotic thriller takes viewers on a visually stunning journey across stunning locations in Poland, including Warsaw, Krakow, and Niepołomice, as well as the beautiful landscape of Italy, particularly Sanremo.

What makes the production of 365 Days even more fascinating is the fact that it's based on the first novel of a popular trilogy by Blanka Lipińska. The filmmakers skillfully adapted Lipińska's electrifying story onto the silver screen, staying true to the essence of the original material while delivering an intense and captivating cinematic experience.

Upon its release in Poland on February 7, 2020, 365 Days quickly created a buzz, drawing attention from movie enthusiasts worldwide. The film's availability on Netflix from June 7, 2020, catapulted it even further into the global spotlight. Audiences across continents couldn't resist the allure of this tumultuous love affair, propelling 365 Days to become one of the most watched items on the streaming platform. It even secured a place in Netflix history, holding the title of the most watched item for an extended period in the United States.

We can't ignore the mixed reactions 365 Days has garnered since its release. Critics have polarized opinions about the film, with some hailing it as an irresistible guilty pleasure while others criticize its portrayal of the Mafia and its explicit content. The movie's provocative nature has drawn comparisons to the infamous Fifty Shades trilogy, but one thing is for sure: it has ignited conversations, making it an undeniable cultural phenomenon.


Let's take a moment to appreciate the incredible cast of 365 Days that brought this whirlwind of a film to life. Here's a rundown of the talented individuals who brought their A-game to this intense and passionate story:

- Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura Biel: The heart and soul of our story, Anna-Maria Sieklucka brings depth and vulnerability to the character of Laura. This is her breakout role, and we can't wait to see more of her in the future.

- Michele Morrone as Massimo Torricelli: Oh boy, let's talk about the smoldering Michele Morrone, who plays our enigmatic leading man Massimo Torricelli. You may recognize him from his roles in films like "Forever or Never" and "The Immortal."

- Bronisław Wrocławski as Mario: Bronisław Wrocławski adds a touch of intensity to the film as Mario, one of Massimo's loyal associates. He's known for his work in other Polish films like "Bird Talk" and "The Butler."

- Otar Saralidze as Domenico: Otar Saralidze brings a captivating presence to the character of Domenico, another member of Massimo's mafia family. This Georgian actor has also appeared in films like "Hostages" and "Line of Duty."

- Magdalena Lamparska as Olga: Magdalena Lamparska delivers a memorable performance as Laura's best friend, Olga. She's a renowned Polish actress known for her roles in films such as "House of Leaves" and "The Art of Loving. Story of Michalina Wisłocka."

The Perfect Escape You Won't Regret

What an exhilarating ride it has been with 365 Days! This Polish masterpiece delivers an unapologetic whirlwind of passion, suspense, and sensuality that keeps you hooked from start to finish. Now, before you raise your eyebrows at the critics' lukewarm reception, hear me out. Sometimes, a movie transcends the critical gaze and simply strikes a chord with its audience - and that is precisely what 365 Days does.

Sure, the plot may be controversial and the film received its fair share of negative reviews, but let's be honest, my fellow movie enthusiasts: sometimes, we just want to embark on an escapist journey filled with thrilling twists and turns. And boy, does 365 Days deliver on that front! From the scorching chemistry between the leads to the stunning cinematography capturing the picturesque landscapes of Poland and Italy, this film oozes style, making it a guilty pleasure you won't want to resist.

Now, here's the deal: if you're in Australia and can't find 365 Days on your current streaming services, fear not! There's a trick up our sleeves. By signing up for ExpressVPN, you may just unlock a whole world of streaming possibilities. With ExpressVPN's reliable and secure service, you can seamlessly access popular streaming platforms from around the globe, giving you the chance to indulge in all the gripping drama and steamy romance that 365 Days has to offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this electrifying cinematic experience. Sign up for ExpressVPN today and let the passion unfold before your eyes.

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