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Watch 3022 in Finland: A Complete Guide to Streaming the Sci-Fi Film

Watch 3022 in Finland: A Complete Guide to Streaming the Sci-Fi Film

Anthony Penner
Anthony Penner
August 14, 2023

Looking for a sci-fi adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat? Well, look no further than "3022"! This action-packed film takes you on a thrilling journey through space, filled with twists, turns, and a crew of astronauts facing unimaginable challenges.

In this article, we'll be exploring the various ways you can stream "3022" in Finland. Whether you prefer to watch it on your favorite streaming service or are willing to try something new, we've got you covered. So buckle up and get ready for an out-of-this-world experience!

Before we dive into the different streaming options, let's take a quick look at the intriguing plot of "3022." Set in the year 2190, the film revolves around the crew of the space station Pangea. As they embark on their mission to refuel ships bound for Earth's first space colony, they witness what they believe to be the destruction of Earth. Struggling with the psychological toll of their isolation, the crew must confront their fears and make difficult decisions in order to survive.

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Streaming "3022" in Finland

Unfortunately, at the moment, there are no streaming services in Finland that offer "3022." We know, it's a bummer. But fear not, fellow sci-fi enthusiasts! There may still be a way for you to watch this gripping film without having to wait for it to become available in your region.

If you're already subscribed to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, there's a glimmer of hope. By using a nifty tool called ExpressVPN, you can potentially unlock "3022" by virtually residing in a country where the movie is available for streaming. We'll dive deeper into how ExpressVPN works and how you can use it to access your favorite content in the following sections.

Netflix: Not Available, But Keep Reading!

Unfortunately, "3022" is not currently available on Netflix in Finland or any other country. But don't worry, there are still other ways to watch this thrilling sci-fi film. Just because it's not on Netflix doesn't mean you're out of luck!

Keep reading to discover alternative streaming options that may be available to you. Who knows, you might already have a subscription to a streaming service that offers "3022." So let's dive in and explore the other avenues to embark on this space-bound adventure!

Watch "3022" on Amazon Prime in Finland

Unlocking "3022" on Amazon Prime in Finland is easier than you think! While the movie may not be immediately available in your country, you can use a VPN to change your location and access it. Amazon Prime has different content libraries in different countries, and with ExpressVPN, you can unlock the movie and start streaming in no time!

So, where can you watch "3022" on Amazon Prime? Here are some of the countries where the movie is available: United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Spain, Italy. These countries offer a streaming treasure trove of "3022" and many other exciting titles.

To unlock "3022" on Amazon Prime, simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and install the app on your preferred device such as your phone, tablet, or television.
  2. Connect to a server located in one of the countries where "3022" is available on Amazon Prime. For example, you can connect to a server in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Spain, or Italy.
  3. Open up Amazon Prime and start watching "3022" right away! Enjoy the thrilling space adventure from the comfort of your own home in Finland.


Looking to stream "3022" on HBO Max? Unfortunately, this thrilling sci-fi film is not currently available on HBO Max in Finland or any other country worldwide. But don't give up just yet! There may be another streaming service that you already have access to which offers this gripping adventure.

Keep reading to explore alternative ways to watch "3022" and discover if it's available on any of the other streaming platforms you subscribe to. Don't worry, we've got plenty of options lined up for you to get your dose of intergalactic action and suspense!

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Streaming "3022" on Disney+ in Finland

Attention, Disney+ subscribers in Finland! While Disney+ offers an incredible array of movies and shows, unfortunately, "3022" is not currently available on the platform. Don't fret though, because there are other ways you can enjoy this thrilling sci-fi film.

It's important to remember that streaming rights for movies and shows can vary across different platforms. While "3022" may not be on Disney+ at the moment, it doesn't mean you're out of luck. Keep reading to discover alternative streaming options that may have this gripping space adventure in their library.

Where to Buy or Rent "3022" in Finland

Ready to embark on your space adventure with "3022"? Unfortunately, there are currently no streaming options available for renting or purchasing the movie within Finland. But don't worry, we've got a solution for you!

If you're already subscribed to a streaming service that offers "3022" in other regions, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you can simply open up your app, make the payment, and start watching right now! All you need is ExpressVPN, a reliable and fast VPN service, to unlock the movie in the region it's available.

  • No streaming options for rent within the country
  • No streaming options for purchase within the country

How to watch 3022 in Finland today

Sign up for ExpressVPN and watch 3022 in Canada in 3 quick steps

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Step 1

Install the ExpressVPN app and create an account.

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Step 2

Choose an ExpressVPN server in a country with the movie/show

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Step 3

Open your usual streaming app (Netflix, Disney+, etc) on your device and enjoy your show!

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The Intergalactic Rollercoaster Ride: Exploring the Plot of "3022"

Hold on tight, because the plot of "3022" will take you on a thrilling intergalactic rollercoaster ride! Set in the not-so-distant future of 2190, the story unfolds aboard the space station Pangea. A crew of American astronauts, led by Captain John Laine, embarks on a mission to refuel ships bound for Earth's first space colony. But little do they know that their journey will take them to the darkest corners of space and push them to their limits.

As the crew settles into their ten-year stint aboard Pangea, all seems well, with camaraderie and even a budding romance between Laine and engineer Jackie Miller. However, as the years go by, isolation takes its toll, and the crew begins to unravel. Night terrors haunt Laine, while doctor Richard Valin's mental state deteriorates. The crew's mental and emotional stability is pushed to the brink, leading to shocking revelations and devastating consequences.

When disaster strikes and Earth seems to have been destroyed, the crew must face the grim reality of their situation. They grapple with difficult choices, dwindling supplies, and the haunting emptiness of space. At the heart of it all, Laine and Miller fight to keep hope alive and make sense of their shattered world. As the plot unfolds, secrets are revealed, alliances are tested, and survival becomes the ultimate goal.

The Making of "3022"

"3022" is a captivating sci-fi film that brings together a talented team of creators to bring this thrilling story to life. Directed by John Suits, known for his work on "Pandemic" and "Breathing Room," the film takes us on a visually stunning journey through space. But what makes "3022" stand out is its unique storytelling approach.

Written by Ryan Binaco and story by Omar Epps, "3022" incorporates a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards, giving viewers a nonlinear experience that adds to the suspense and mystery of the plot. This narrative technique keeps us guessing and fully engaged throughout the film, as we piece together the events leading up to the crew's traumatic existence on the space station.

The stellar cast of "3022" includes talented actors such as Omar Epps, Kate Walsh, Miranda Cosgrove, and Angus Macfadyen, who deliver powerful performances that truly immerse us in the emotional turmoil faced by the crew. Their chemistry on screen and ability to portray the psychological toll of isolation and despair is truly commendable.

Upon its release, "3022" garnered positive reception from both critics and sci-fi enthusiasts. Its thought-provoking plot, compelling visuals, and strong performances captivated audiences, solidifying its place as a must-watch film in the genre. Now, let's dive into the different ways you can stream this gripping sci-fi adventure in Finland!

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Omar Epps as Captain John Laine

Captain John Laine is the leader of the crew aboard the space station Pangea. Omar Epps, known for his role in the medical drama "House" and films like "Love & Basketball" and "Higher Learning," brings his charisma and intensity to the character of Captain Laine.

Kate Walsh as Jackie Miller

Jackie Miller is an engineer on the space station and is involved in a romantic relationship with Captain Laine. Kate Walsh, best known for her iconic role as Dr. Addison Montgomery in "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice," showcases her versatility as an actress in the role of Jackie.

Miranda Cosgrove as Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown is a member of the crew and encounters a tragic fate early on in the film. Miranda Cosgrove, who gained fame as the titular character in the TV series "iCarly" and starred in films like "School of Rock" and "Despicable Me," brings emotional depth to the role of Lisa.

Angus Macfadyen as Doctor Richard Valin

Doctor Richard Valin is the ship's physician who grapples with the psychological toll of their isolation. Angus Macfadyen, known for his role as Robert the Bruce in "Braveheart" and as Allan Pinkerton in the TV series "The Pinkertons," delivers a haunting performance as the troubled doctor.

Additional Cast Members

While these are the main actors in "3022," the film also features a talented supporting cast including Jorja Fox ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"), Enver Gjokaj ("Agent Carter"), and Haaz Sleiman ("The Visitor").

Surviving the Cosmic Chaos: A Stellar Sci-Fi Adventure

"3022" takes viewers on an intergalactic rollercoaster ride that will leave you questioning the bounds of human resilience. With an engaging plot, top-notch performances, and stunning visuals, this film is a must-watch for any sci-fi enthusiast.

The film deftly explores the psychological toll of isolation and the human capacity to confront unimaginable challenges. The stellar cast, including Omar Epps, Kate Walsh, Miranda Cosgrove, and Angus Macfadyen, brings depth and nuance to their characters, driving home the emotional impact of their struggle for survival.

While critics may argue that the movie focuses more on action than philosophical themes, it's precisely that adrenaline-pumping excitement and edge-of-your-seat suspense that sets "3022" apart from other sci-fi flicks. This isn't a film that will leave you pondering the meaning of life; it's a thrilling joyride that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

If you're in Finland and eager to catch this enthralling movie but don't have access to it on your preferred streaming platform, fear not! By signing up for ExpressVPN, you can unlock a whole universe of content. Whether it's on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or any other streaming service, ExpressVPN can seamlessly connect you to the right server, allowing you to enjoy "3022" and countless other shows and movies with just a few clicks.

Don't miss out on this space odyssey. Join thousands of satisfied viewers and grab your virtual boarding pass with ExpressVPN today!

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