What's New on Netflix Finland: New Releases

New Releases for Netflix Finland

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases for Netflix Finland.

Is The Wave on Netflix Finland?

The Wave

A Norwegian geologist has just 10 minutes to save as many people as possible when a tsunami strikes a fjord community. A geologist is dead certain about one thing: The mountain's gonna blow. So plan your escape or say your prayers.

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Is Bombay Dreams on Netflix Finland?

Bombay Dreams

Adopted and brought to Sweden as a young child, a teenager curious about her roots secretly leaves home, traveling to India to meet her birth mother. She’s about to set foot in a home she never knew. This is the life she could have had -- but is it where she belongs?

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Is Grev Axel on Netflix Finland?

Grev Axel

Traveling actor Axel makes out royally when he steals the garb of a long-lost count. His new role is a great fit, until the real nobleman appears.

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Is Greetings from the North on Netflix Finland?

Greetings from the North

A single, 40-something woman who needs a husband before she can adopt a child finds unexpected romance while visiting her sister in Norrland. For five years, she's waited for her turn to adopt a child. Now, she has 30 days to find a man who can be the daddy.

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Is Happy Hour in Paradise on Netflix Finland?

Happy Hour in Paradise

A priest goes to Phuket to help her fellow clergy member prepare his new church, only to learn that he’s blown all the funds on earthly pleasures. He went to build a house of prayer. There was booze and beautiful women on the way. Let’s just say he got sidetracked.

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Is Iqbal & den hemmelige opskrift on Netflix Finland?

Iqbal & den hemmelige opskrift

After blowing up his school by mistake, a quirky teen must hunt down two kooky crooks who are holding his brother hostage for the explosive’s recipe. Saving his brother and his city from bad guys will take courage -- and some crazy ideas. Good thing he’s full of both.

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Is Doktor Proktors tidsbadekar on Netflix Finland?

Doktor Proktors tidsbadekar

Dr. Proktor goes back in time to stop his beloved's wedding and can't get back. So Lise and Bulle step in -- and discover that the past can be a gas.

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Is Key House Mirror on Netflix Finland?

Key House Mirror

While caring for her paralyzed husband in a nursing home, a woman yearning for excitement and intimacy develops an affair with a new resident. This budding romance has her feeling like a new person. Is this the freedom she’s been craving? Or is she losing control?

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Is Far til fire's vilde ferie on Netflix Finland?

Far til fire's vilde ferie

A family's Wadden Sea vacation goes off the rails when Dad is accused of burglary. Now, the entire clan must pull together to nab the real thieves.

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Is F.R.E.D.I. on Netflix Finland?


Venturing into the woods, high schooler James discovers an intelligent robot that he must save from the hands of a businessman with an evil scheme. She can talk, make repairs and protect people from danger. But in the wrong hands, she may wreak havoc on the world.

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