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New Releases List for Netflix France: Page 21

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Always quick to run off, Elvin makes kitty-siting a challenge for Abby. When berries start disappearing, Abby and the Fuzzlies search for the culprits.

A case of the hiccups has Grumbles morphing uncontrollably. Wai Po joins Abby and the Fuzzlies for a splizzacular outing at the park.

Run American Pie: Girls' Rules The Gentlemen The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil

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Malèna Downton Abbey The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

Abby and Bozzly must stop her bike when Otis borrows it and goes on a wild ride. After getting a wiggly tooth, Abby tries to avoid the dentist.

Acorn-loving critters take over Teeny Terry's snug. When Melvin's snoring keeps her up during a sleepover, Abby looks for a comfy place to sleep.

Shedding his fur, Grumbles runs away from getting a haircut. When her parents can't make it to a ball, Abby and the Fuzzlies throw them a fancy dance.

With her Wai Po coming, Abby and the Fuzzlies plan a Chinese New Year's party. When Teeny Terry aims for the moon, Abby and Bozzly help him get closer.

Mistaken for a bird, Teeny Terry joins a pelican family. The Fuzzly twins discover tap-dancing but their moves start disturbing everyone in the hotel.

A camping trip turns into an outdoor adventure when Abby and her friends search for a shapeshifting Fuzzly in the woods.

Abby goes to great heights to rescue Harriet in a tower. The Fuzzlies work on their hide-and-seek skills until they stumble upon a secret passageway.

Princess Flug adopts a pet with an appetite for leaves. Abby coordinates a Fuzzly family photo shoot so she can send a picture to her grandmother.