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Netflix Germany: New Releases for August 13, 2020

This list shows the Netflix titles released on a specific day in Germany.

Netflix released no movies and 4 brand new shows today. There were also 1 season of existing shows released and 2 new episodes of existing shows added.

After an accident shatters her storybook life, a comatose woman gets a second chance at life when a reaper from above intervenes. But there's a catch. A comatose woman gets a second chance at life -- if only she can find three people to weep tears for her death.

TV Dramas, Romantic TV Dramas, Korean TV Shows, Fantasy TV Shows
Actors: Lee Yo-won, Nam Gyu-ri, Jo Hyun-jae, Bae Soo-bin, Seo Ji-hye, Jung Il-woo, Choi Jung-woo, Bae Geu-rin, Son Byung-ho

Needing funds to study art abroad, Gong Shim rents out her rooftop room to a pro bono lawyer, who begins shaking up her otherwise dispiriting life. Overshadowed by her prettier and smarter sister, this ugly duckling is making plans. It doesn't include romance ... yet.

TV Comedies, Romantic TV Comedies, Korean TV Shows
Actors: Namgung Min, Bang Minah, Seo Hyo-rim, On Ju-wan, Oh Hyun-kyung, Woo Hyun
Call Me by Your Name Spider-Man: Homecoming Baby Driver Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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Love the Coopers Escape Room Escape Room Premonition

Posing as her twin brother in a boy band, a young woman wins the heart of her bandmates and fans, all the while searching for her long-lost mother. She disguises herself as her twin brother to play in his boy band. But gender-bending's not so easy!

TV Comedies, Romantic TV Comedies, Korean TV Shows
Creator(s): Hong Jeong-eun, Hong Mi-ran
Actors: Jang Keun-suk, Park Shin-hye, Lee Hong-gi, Jung Yong-hwa, U-ie, Kim Sung-ryoung, Kim In-kwon, Bae Geu-rin

Take a deep dive into the beautiful world of Japan's top male idol groups from number one producer Johnny's in this revealing docuseries. Screaming girls. Cute boys with sparkling smiles. Pop music and sweet dance moves. Japan's got this boy band thing down.

A bright-eyed girl and her magical owl sidekick find adventure when enchanting powers and creative ideas lead to important lessons. Kongsuni is a five-year-old with big dreams and an even bigger imagination. In her world, there's never a dull moment!

TV Cartoons, Kids' TV, Korean TV Shows
Actors: Hong So-yeong, Choi Bo-bae, Kim Eun-ah, Jeong Hye-won, Bae Jin-hong, Um Sang-hyun, Cha Moo-jin, Jang Min-young, Jang Do-young, Kim Sook-young, Park Ran, Kim Chang-won, Park Yeon-kyung