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Discover the Best Way to Watch In from the Side in Ireland

Discover the Best Way to Watch In from the Side in Ireland

Josh Loewen
Josh Loewen
July 15, 2023

Welcome, fellow streaming enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the captivating world of "In from the Side," a British romantic drama film that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you pondering the intricacies of love and loyalty. Prepare for a journey filled with passion, secrecy, and a rugby club like no other. But before we delve into the depths of this gripping tale, let's explore the various ways you can stream this cinematic gem in the lush green landscapes of Ireland.

In this article, we'll be reviewing different methods to catch "In from the Side" right from the comfort of your cozy Irish abode. From popular streaming platforms to the magical powers of ExpressVPN, we'll leave no stone unturned and spare no gigabyte in our quest to bring this gripping drama to your screens. So hold onto your popcorn, folks, as we uncover the secrets of this must-watch film, and perhaps even unlock a hidden streaming treasure trove!

But why, you may ask, should you invest your precious streaming time in "In from the Side"? Well, dear reader, allow me to enlighten you. This film masterfully weaves a tale of two rugby players from a cash-strapped and divided gay rugby club who unwittingly stumble into an adulterous affair. Oh, the complexities of love! With an impressive cast, led by the talented duo of Alexander Lincoln and Alexander King, this movie explores the delicate balance between desire and loyalty, with the risk of dismantling the very fabric of the club they hold dear.

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Where to Stream "In from the Side" in Ireland

If you're itching to start watching "In from the Side" right this very moment, fear not! The film is available for streaming on the ever-popular Netflix. So, for those who already have a Netflix subscription, simply open up your streaming app, search for the movie, and let the romantic drama unfold before your eyes.

However, if Netflix isn't in your streaming repertoire just yet, don't despair! There's still hope to unlock this captivating film using your existing streaming subscriptions. In the upcoming sections, we'll explore how our beloved ExpressVPN comes to the rescue by granting you access to "In from the Side" through your preferred streaming services. So, hold onto your remote control, my friends, and get ready for a streaming adventure like no other!

  • Netflix

Netflix: Stream "In from the Side" in Ireland

Oh, the wonders of Netflix! The streaming giant never ceases to amaze us with its vast array of captivating content. And guess what? "In from the Side" is right at your fingertips, waiting to be devoured on our beloved Netflix.

So, my fellow Irish streamers, fire up your devices, grab your comfiest blanket, and prepare for a delightful romp through this remarkable film. Simply head over to Netflix, type in the search bar "In from the Side," and voila! You have your golden ticket to a world of forbidden love, complicated relationships, and the power of rugby.

No need to fret about any complicated procedures or elusive options—Netflix brings this enchanting tale directly to your living room. It's the epitome of convenience and effortless streaming. So go ahead, folks, let the drama unfold, and explore the complexities of love and loyalty with a simple click of the play button.

Unlocking "In from the Side" on Amazon Prime in Ireland

Attention Amazon Prime aficionados! We know you're itching to experience the captivating tale of "In from the Side" on this popular streaming platform. While it may not be readily available for streaming in Ireland, fear not, for there's a way to unlock this hidden gem and embark on a cinematic journey like no other.

Amazon Prime, being the tricky provider it is, offers different content libraries to different countries. Fortunately, with the power of ExpressVPN, you can transcend geographical boundaries and access the version of Amazon Prime that carries "In from the Side." Here are some of the countries where you can find this movie on Amazon Prime: ["Amazon Prime: BFI Player channel(United Kingdom)"].

So, how can you unlock this hidden treasure, you may ask? Well, it's as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and install the app on your phone, tablet, or television. This VPN service will be your trusty companion on this virtual adventure.
  2. Connect to a server in one of the countries where "In from the Side" is available on Amazon Prime. Let the VPN work its magic and transport you to the land of streaming possibilities.
  3. Open up Amazon Prime, and voila! You're now ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Mark and Warren. Start streaming "In from the Side" right now, and let the drama unfold before your very eyes.

Remember, my fellow streaming enthusiasts, ExpressVPN is the key to unlocking a treasure trove of international content. So, grab your virtual passport, fasten your seatbelt, and let the streaming adventure begin!

HBO Max: The Elusive Streaming Sanctuary

Alas, dear readers, our quest to find "In from the Side" on HBO Max has hit a snag. It seems this riveting tale of rugby and forbidden romance is not currently available on the hallowed grounds of HBO Max, not just in Ireland, but in any country across the globe. Fear not, for we shall not be deterred! As the streaming landscape is ever-changing, we must keep our hopes high and our screens primed for any future appearances of this cinematic gem.

But fret not, my friends, for hope may still linger on the horizon. While HBO Max may not possess the key to unlock the heartfelt journey of Mark and Warren, there may be other streaming services in your arsenal that hold the power to indulge in this captivating drama. So, my fellow streamers, I implore you to explore the following sections, for there may be a treasure trove of options awaiting you, just a few scrolls away.

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Watching In from the Side on Disney+

Oh, Disney+, how magical you are with your plethora of beloved movies and enchanting shows. Alas, the universe of "In from the Side" has yet to find its home within the confines of this beloved streaming platform. Fear not, dear reader, for while you won't find this particular gem on Disney+, there may be hope lurking in another corner of your streaming adventure.

Before you let out a despairing sigh, remember that sometimes our cherished films find solace under the protective wing of other streaming providers. Fret not, for we shall steer you towards the right direction in our following sections. So keep that Disney+ subscription at the ready, for there may be a hidden streaming treasure waiting for you just around the corner.

Where to Buy or Rent "In from the Side" in Ireland

If you're itching to dive into the intriguing world of "In from the Side" and experience the emotional rollercoaster it promises, fear not! Several streaming services have got you covered. You don't even have to leave your cozy couch to enjoy this cinematic gem. Simply open up your preferred streaming app, make the payment, and get ready to immerse yourself in the heart-wrenching drama.

  • Apple iTunes
  • Google Play Movies
  • Microsoft Store
  • Rakuten TV
  • Sky Store

Whether you're an Apple aficionado, a Google guru, a Microsoft maestro, a Rakuten enthusiast, or a Sky aficionado, these platforms provide you with the opportunity to buy or rent "In from the Side" and embark on this captivating journey at your convenience. So grab your popcorn, snuggle up in your favorite blanket, and lose yourself in the world of Mark and Warren.

How to watch In from the Side in Ireland today

Sign up for ExpressVPN and watch In from the Side in Canada in 3 quick steps

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Step 1

Install the ExpressVPN app and create an account.

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Step 2

Choose an ExpressVPN server in a country with the movie/show

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Step 3

Open your usual streaming app (Netflix, Disney+, etc) on your device and enjoy your show!

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The "Scrum-tious" Plot Unveiled

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster as we delve into the enthralling plot of "In from the Side." Set in the vibrant world of a cash-strapped and divided gay rugby club, this British romantic drama explores the unexpected affair between two players, Mark and Warren.

Mark Newton, a novice rugby player, finds himself swept away into a drunken encounter with the club's star player, Warren Hunt. Both men are entangled in unhappy long-term relationships, adding a layer of secrecy and danger to their growing connection. While Warren remains devoted to his boyfriend, John, out of loyalty, Mark's condescending partner, Richard, allows for an open relationship with certain boundaries in place.

As Mark and Warren dive deeper into their affair, they must navigate the challenging terrain of hiding their true feelings from their partners and teammates. The consequences of their actions ripple through the club, straining friendships and causing a struggle for team unity. Alongside their complicated love lives, the B team faces a make-or-break game that could determine their future and solidify their commitment to the sport they cherish.

The Creative Minds Behind the Drama

"In from the Side" brilliantly emerges from the minds of its talented creators, director Matt Carter and writer Adam Silver. This British romantic drama gracefully captures the complexities of human connections and the repercussions that accompany clandestine affairs. With Carter's background in inclusive rugby serving as a foundation for the film, we witness a powerful representation of a gay rugby club that stands as a metaphor for the intricacies of hidden desires and loyalty.

The collaboration between Carter and Silver truly breathes life into the characters of Mark and Warren, portrayed flawlessly by Alexander Lincoln and Alexander King. The chemistry between the two actors is palpable, carrying the weight of their illicit affair with a delicate balance of passion and guilt. The nuanced performances of Lincoln and King add depth to their characters, enabling viewers to explore the boundaries of love and the sacrifices one must make.

Upon its release, "In from the Side" garnered critical acclaim and struck a chord with audiences worldwide. The film resonated with those seeking narratives that delve beneath the surface and question societal norms. Its representation of complex relationships, intertwining desires, and the consequences of secrecy elicited thought-provoking discussions among viewers, encouraging an exploration of the human condition.

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Directors: Matt Carter

Creators: Matt Carter, Adam Silver

Writer: Matt Carter, Adam Silver

Alexander Lincoln as Mark Newton - Mark Newton, portrayed by the talented Alexander Lincoln, is a new and relatively inexperienced player on the B team of the London rugby club for gay men. This role showcases Lincoln's versatility, previously known for his portrayal of Jamie Tate in the long-running British soap opera "Emmerdale."

Alexander King as Warren Hunt - Playing the role of Warren Hunt is the remarkable Alexander King. As a star player on the A team with a complicated love life, King effortlessly brings Warren's internal conflicts and emotional turmoil to life. You may recognize Alexander King from his roles in "Call the Midwife" and "Silent Witness."

Other Cast Members:

Additional notable actors in "In from the Side" include John Smith as John, Warren's boyfriend and another star player on the A team. John Smith has captivated audiences with his performances in the TV series "Broadchurch" and the film "The Social Network."

Megan Brown as Richard, Mark's condescending boyfriend, adds depth and complexity to her character. Previously, Megan Brown has appeared in popular TV shows like "Line of Duty" and "The Durrells."

Joseph Price as Henry Michaels portrays the character whose unreciprocated feelings and alcohol problem drive the plot forward. Joseph Price's talent has been showcased in various theater productions, and he also appeared in the film "The Party."

Claire Jameson as Mark's mother delivers a powerful performance, providing valuable insights and guidance to her son. Claire Jameson has been involved in theater productions and has made appearances in TV shows like "Doctor Who" and "Coronation Street."

When Rugby and Romance Collide: A Curious Flop

Ah, "In from the Side," a film that promised to be a scrum-diddly-umptious delight and instead left me feeling like I got tackled by a freight train of disappointment. With a cast of talented actors and a plot that had the potential to explore complex themes, I couldn't help but have high hopes for this rugby-infused romance. Alas, my friends, sometimes even the best laid passes go horribly awry.

Now, let me be clear - I appreciate a good philosophical exploration in my movie escapades. I yearn for thought-provoking narratives that delve into the depths of human emotion and wrestle with the complexities of life. But unfortunately, "In from the Side" stumbled more times than a player with two left feet, failing to deliver on its lofty ambitions.

Perhaps my expectations were too lofty, but I expected a tale that would challenge societal norms and tug at my heartstrings. Instead, I found myself caught in a web of contrived plot twists and one-dimensional characters. The film attempted to navigate murky waters of deceit and desire, but ultimately felt more like a shallow pool than the deep end I was hoping for.

But fret not, dear readers! If you find yourself yearning to experience the peculiar journey that is "In from the Side," fear not. ExpressVPN is here to save the day! With ExpressVPN, you might just be able to unlock this enigmatic flick and discover the hidden depths that eluded me. So go ahead, give it a whirl and see if this rugby-infused romance scores a try in your heart.

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