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Liste der Neuerscheinungen für Netflix Irland

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Trapped by circumstance, a mother supports her family abroad secretly through prostitution until a startling revelation pushes her to explore her faith. With others, she’s well-versed in being discreet. But when it has to do with herself, can she afford to be as judicious?

Dramen, Romanian Movies
Regisseur(e): Ciprian Mega
Schauspieler: Ela Ionescu, Raluca Dacin, Mihai Stănescu, Valeriu Andriuță, Valer Dellakeza, Ana Maria Moldovan, Florian Majoreanu, Teo Sandu, Ovidiu Crișan, Andreas Russos

A well-known reporter is tasked to eulogize a deceased colleague and becomes engrossed in mending the man’s estranged relationship with his daughter. It began as a guilt-ridden, grim assignment. It turned out to be a cathartic experience he never knew he needed.

Dramen, Romanian Movies
Regisseur(e): Iulia Rugină
Schauspieler: Andi Vasluianu, Voica Oltean, Dorin Andone, Ioana Flora, Oxana Moravec
I Care a Lot New Amsterdam Jujutsu Kaisen Spider-Man: Far from Home

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After We Collided Me Before You Vikings Pokémon Journeys: The Series

In a bleak town with his ambitionless friend and nagging mother, a petty drug dealer is inspired by an indecisive lover to take control of his life. Aimless and brooding, he never envisioned a better life. But the attention of a pretty woman sets him on a brighter path.

Gesellschaftsdramen, Dramen
Regisseur(e): Igor Cobileanski
Schauspieler: Igor Babiac, Sergiu Voloc, Ela Ionescu, Igor Caras-Romanov, Angela Ciobanu, Alexei Machevnin, Alexandr Chiciuc, Ion Coşeru

A good-natured farmhand, perpetually terrorized by his cruel boss for his disability, finds love and acceptance when a poor family takes him in.

Gesellschaftsdramen, Dramen, Movies Based on Books, Historienfilme, Filmklassiker, Schwedische Filme
Regisseur(e): Hans Alfredson
Schauspieler: Stellan Skarsgård, Maria Johansson, Hans Alfredson, Per Myrberg, Lena Pia Bernhardsson, Nils Ahlroth, Lars Amble, Carl-Åke Eriksson, Cecilia Walton, Wallis Grahn

From the first settlers' adventures to wartime horrors and Communist secrets, this avant-garde documentary explores the history of Jewish Romanians.

Romanian Movies, Dokumentarfilme
Regisseur(e): Oana Giurgiu

Counting the days until a solar eclipse, a bored 14-year-old befriends a teen new to town, who promptly gets him involved in a risky scheme. His life got more exciting thanks to a new friendship. But darkness could eclipse his new acquaintance with one fateful decision.

Dramen, Independent-Filme, Romanian Movies
Regisseur(e): Radu Potcoavã
Schauspieler: Nicholas Bohor, Dan Hurduc, Ofelia Popii, Şerban Pavlu, Valentin Popescu, Virginia Rogin, Crina Tofan, Mihai Albu

Inspired by her mom's rebellious past and a confident new friend, a shy 16-year-old publishes an anonymous zine calling out sexism at her school. Patriarchy sucks. Rebel girls are cool. She's taking a stand, finding her voice — and sparking a revolution at school.

Teen-Filme, Dramen, Komödien, Movies Based on Books
Regisseur(e): Amy Poehler
Schauspieler: Hadley Robinson, Lauren Tsai, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nico Hiraga, Sydney Park, Josephine Langford, Clark Gregg, Josie Totah, Alycia Pascual-Peña, Anjelika Washington, Charlie Hall, Sabrina Haskett, Ike Barinholtz, Amy Poehler, Marcia Gay Harden

A practical joker's fake kidnapping at a bachelor party turns into a real abduction, forcing him to infiltrate a terrorist group and rescue the groom.

Düstere Komödien, Krimikomödien, Dramen, Komödien, Krimidramen, Schwedische Filme
Regisseur(e): Björn Skifs
Schauspieler: Björn Skifs, Aja Rodas-Evrén, Johan Ulveson, Marie-Chantal Long, Jacob Nordenson, Catherine Hansson, Gert Fylking

A lonely teacher muddles through a midlife crisis as he navigates romantic relationships and tries his hand at composing experimental music.

Dramen, Independent-Filme, Movies Based on Books, Schwedische Filme
Regisseur(e): Jan Troell
Schauspieler: Håkan Serner, Eva von Hanno, Susan Hampshire, Ulf Palme, Yvonne Lombard, Beate Ørskov, Alf Hellberg, Berto Marklund, Kristina Karlin, Agneta Prytz

This music documentary offers backstage interviews and concert footage of the Swedish pop group at the peak of their popularity in the early '80s.

Musik und Musicals, Schwedische Filme, Musik- und Konzertdokumentationen, Dokumentarfilme, Konzerte
Regisseur(e): Lasse Hallström
Schauspieler: Micke Andersson, Göran Fritzson, Per Gessle, Anders Herrlin, Mats Persson