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Watch It Boy in Israel: A Guide to Streaming the Film in the Holy Land

Watch It Boy in Israel: A Guide to Streaming the Film in the Holy Land

Susan Kirk
Susan Kirk
July 11, 2023

Welcome, fellow cinephiles, to this exciting adventure into the world of streaming, where we will delve into the myriad of options available to watch the enchanting French romantic comedy, "It Boy" (also known as "20 ans d'écart"). Today, we embark on a journey that will unveil the various ways we can bring this delightful film to our screens, particularly for the eager hearts residing in Israel.

But first, let me tantalize your cinematic taste buds with a glimpse into the captivating world of "It Boy." Directed by the talented David Moreau, this gem of a movie transports us into the life of a remarkable 38-year-old woman, whose enticing love affair with a teenage boy defies societal norms and ignites an unconventional tale of passion, growth, and self-discovery. Prepare to be swept away by the electrifying on-screen chemistry between Virginie Efira and Pierre Niney, as their performances bring this unique relationship to life with undeniable charm and authenticity.

With its compelling narrative, "It Boy" finds the perfect balance between wit and sentimentality, creating a cinematic experience that will leave you yearning for more. As we explore the different streaming options available in Israel, we can appreciate the film's ability to transport us into a world where age is but a number and love knows no boundaries. So, without further ado, let's dive into the intriguing ways we can embark on this delightful journey together.

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No Streaming Services Available in Israel

Alas, my fellow film enthusiasts, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that there are currently no streaming services within the borders of Israel that offer the extraordinary cinematic experience of "It Boy." This unfortunate circumstance leaves us longing for the opportunity to indulge in the delightful romance and comedic brilliance of this French gem.

But fret not, dear readers, for where there is a will, there is often a way. While we may not have immediate access to "It Boy" through our beloved streaming platforms in Israel, all hope is not lost. I implore you to hold on to the flickering flame of possibility, for there is a magical solution that may grant us admittance into the captivating world of this cinematic marvel. Allow me to present to you the key that can unlock the treasure trove of international streaming - ExpressVPN.

By utilizing the exceptional service offered by ExpressVPN, you may have the ability to transcend the geographical limitations set upon us and access the cinematic wonders that lie beyond our borders. So, my dear cinephiles, do not despair, for in the coming sections, we shall explore the steps required to experience the magic of "It Boy" through the power of VPN and unlock the doors to a world of captivating storytelling.

Unlock "It Boy" on Netflix in Israel

Although "It Boy" isn't immediately accessible on Netflix in Israel, fear not, dear cinephiles, for there is a way to unlock this captivating gem! As we delve into the realm of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), we discover the power to transcend geographical barriers and access a whole new world of content. Netflix, being the multiverse of entertainment that it is, offers different selections in different countries. Let's explore how we can make "It Boy" a reality on Netflix.

As we peer across the vast streaming landscape, we find that this captivating French romantic comedy is available on Netflix in countries such as France. In fact, Netflix has not one but two variations to cater to your viewing pleasure: Netflix(France) and Netflix: with ads(France). So, if you're yearning to embark on this delightful journey, follow these simple steps with ExpressVPN:

  1. Sign-up for ExpressVPN and install their user-friendly application on your preferred device, be it a phone, tablet, or even your trusty television.
  2. Connect to a server located in one of the countries where "It Boy" is available, such as France. ExpressVPN offers a wide range of server options to ensure you can access the content you desire.
  3. With ExpressVPN acting as your virtual passport, open up Netflix, and voilà! Start indulging in the delightful world of "It Boy" without any geographical limitations!

Unlocking "It Boy" on Amazon Prime with ExpressVPN

While "It Boy" may not be immediately available on Amazon Prime in Israel, fear not, for there is a way to unlock it and indulge in its captivating story. Amazon Prime, a popular streaming provider, offers different content libraries across various countries. By harnessing the power of ExpressVPN, you can effortlessly change your virtual location, granting you access to a world of cinematic wonders.

So, where can you find "It Boy" on Amazon Prime? Look no further than countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and France, where Amazon Prime holds the keys to this remarkable film. Additionally, you can explore the Cinema of Hearts channel on Amazon Prime in Germany or the Paramount+ channel on Amazon Prime in France to embark on this delightful journey.

Unlocking "It Boy" on Amazon Prime is a breeze with ExpressVPN. Simply follow these three steps to embark on this remarkable cinematic experience:

  1. Sign-up for ExpressVPN and install the app on your phone, tablet, or television.
  2. Connect to a server in one of the countries where "It Boy" is available on Amazon Prime.
  3. Open up Amazon Prime and start enjoying the film right away, immersing yourself in its captivating world of unconventional love and self-discovery.

HBO Max: A Noteworthy Absence

Ah, HBO Max, the treasure trove of captivating content that never fails to delight our screens. While this streaming giant offers an impressive lineup of movies and series, it's worth noting that "It Boy" is, regrettably, not currently available on HBO Max in any country, including Israel. Alas, even the most extensive catalog can occasionally leave us longing for a particular gem.

However, fear not, dear reader, for there may be a silver lining in this cloud of disappointment. As we explore alternative streaming options in the following sections, you might discover that the film you seek is awaiting your eager eyes on a platform you already have at your disposal. So, let us venture forth and unveil the possibilities that lie ahead!

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Unlock "It Boy" on Disney+ in Israel

While "It Boy" may not be immediately accessible on Disney+ in Israel, fear not, for there is a way to unlock this cinematic gem! As we know, Disney+ provides different content based on the country you reside in. But with the power of ExpressVPN, you can change your virtual location and open the doors to a world of entertainment. So, let's not waste any more time and dive into the three simple steps to unlock "It Boy" on Disney+!

Step 1: Begin your journey by signing up for ExpressVPN and installing their user-friendly app on your preferred device, be it a phone, tablet, or television. ExpressVPN's cutting-edge technology ensures a seamless streaming experience, allowing you to access content from different regions effortlessly.

Step 2: Once you have ExpressVPN set up, connect to one of the countries where "It Boy" is available on Disney+. Countries like France, for instance, would be a delightful choice. Let ExpressVPN work its magic as it redirects your virtual location, making it appear as if you are streaming from within that chosen country.

Step 3: Now that you are virtually positioned in a country where "It Boy" is ready to captivate audiences, open up Disney+ and instantly immerse yourself in the heartwarming journey of love and self-discovery that awaits. The fascinating world of "It Boy" is now just a click away, thanks to your partnership with ExpressVPN.

Streaming Services for Buying or Renting "It Boy" in Israel

Unfortunately, for those looking to rent or purchase "It Boy" within the borders of Israel, the local streaming services do not currently offer this delightful film. However, fear not, as there are alternative ways to access this cinematic gem and embark on a captivating movie night from the comfort of your own couch.

  • No streaming options for rent within the country.
  • No streaming options for purchase within the country.

Now, don't fret, my dear cinephiles! If you already have some popular streaming subscriptions, you can easily turn your disappointment into joy with a little help from ExpressVPN. Simply open up your preferred streaming app, make the necessary payment, and start indulging in the magic of "It Boy" right now. With ExpressVPN, you can unlock a world of possibilities and stream your favorite content as if you were experiencing it firsthand in the very country where it is available.

How to watch It Boy in Israel today

Sign up for ExpressVPN and watch It Boy in Canada in 3 quick steps

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Step 1

Install the ExpressVPN app and create an account.

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Step 2

Choose an ExpressVPN server in a country with the movie/show

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Step 3

Open your usual streaming app (Netflix, Disney+, etc) on your device and enjoy your show!

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Unveiling the Age-Defying Charms of "It Boy"

In a world where age gaps often dictate the boundaries of romance, "It Boy" dares to challenge societal norms and takes us on a delightful sojourn through the intricacies of modern relationships. At the heart of the story is Alice Lantins, a successful and accomplished 38-year-old woman who seemingly has it all - a thriving career, style, and sophistication. However, as Alice navigates the demanding waters of the fashion magazine industry, fate intervenes in the most unexpected way.

During an ill-fated job interview, Alice finds herself captivated by Balthazar, a charming and charismatic 20-year-old man-child whose youth and exuberance breathe new life into her existence. Against all odds, a connection forms between them, defying conventions and the expectations of others. As their relationship develops, Alice finds herself questioning the limits society has imposed, while Balthazar brings a youthful and carefree perspective to her seemingly perfect life. Together, they embark on a tender and heartwarming journey, facing the trials and tribulations of love, and teaching us that true connection transcends age.

Through delightful scenes of playful banter, nuanced interactions, and endearing moments of vulnerability, "It Boy" seamlessly weaves together humor, romance, and introspection. Virginie Efira delivers a captivating performance as Alice, bringing depth, charm, and relatability to a character who challenges both societal norms and her own perceptions of love. Pierre Niney, in turn, enchants us with his portrayal of Balthazar, effortlessly capturing the exuberance and innocence of youth, while also revealing a maturity and depth beyond his years. Together, their chemistry shines on screen, powerfully conveying the complexities of their unconventional relationship.

The Mind Behind the Magic

As we delve into the enchanting world of "It Boy," it is impossible not to marvel at the creative minds that brought this cinematic gem to life. Acclaimed director David Moreau, known for his ability to infuse charm and whimsy into his films, provides a masterful touch to the storytelling. Through his visionary direction, Moreau breathes life into the characters, allowing them to shine on the screen with their captivating journeys of self-discovery and forbidden love.

But let us not overlook the brilliant minds who crafted the words that flow effortlessly from the characters' mouths. The screenplay for "It Boy" was penned by a dynamic duo, Amro Hamzawi and Lisa Azuelos. Hamzawi's sharp wit and Azuelos' ability to capture the intricacies of human relationships blend seamlessly in this romantic comedy. Their ability to create relatable and authentic dialogue is truly remarkable, making "It Boy" a joy to watch.

Beyond the creative team, the film also received critical acclaim upon its release, resonating with audiences around the world and securing its place as a must-watch in the realm of romantic comedies. Witnessing "It Boy" receive rave reviews and win hearts across the globe is a testament to the extraordinary talent and passion poured into every frame of this remarkable piece of cinema.

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Virginie Efira (Alice Lantins) - In the role of Alice Lantins, Efira brings a captivating blend of vulnerability and vivacity as the 38-year-old protagonist navigating her unconventional love affair. Known for her exceptional performances in films like "Elle" and "Victoria," Efira continues to impress with her versatile acting prowess.

Pierre Niney (Balthazar Apfel) - Portraying the enigmatic Balthazar Apfel, Niney delivers a mesmerizing performance that captures the essence of youthful exuberance and charm. Known for his critically acclaimed roles in "Yves Saint Laurent" and "Frantz," Niney's undeniable talent shines through in "It Boy."

Other notable cast members include Charles Berling (Pierre Lantins), Gilles Cohen (Mathias), and Amélie Glenn (Virginie). These talented actors bring depth and authenticity to their respective characters, elevating the overall viewing experience with their remarkable performances.

It Boy: A Delightful Delirium of Love and Laughter

Prepare to be charmed, captivated, and utterly enthralled by "It Boy," for it is a whimsical masterpiece that transcends the barriers of age and societal expectations. With its effervescent humor, impeccable performances, and a story that dances along the edges of controversy, this film deserves all the accolades it has received. While critics and general reception may vary, I dare to declare that "It Boy" is a cinematic triumph that demands your utmost attention.

Virginie Efira's portrayal of Alice Lantins, a successful and confident woman traversing the delicate landscape of love, is nothing short of remarkable. Her impeccable comedic timing and nuanced performance draw us into her world, where we witness her navigating the complexities of life, love, and unexpected relationships. Pierre Niney, as the young and charming Balthazar, delivers an equally breathtaking performance, exuding a magnetic allure that is simply irresistible.

What sets "It Boy" apart from its peers is its ability to seamlessly blend genuine moments of tenderness with lighthearted comedy. It takes the audacity to explore unconventional relationships, allowing us to question societal norms and embrace the exhilaration of forbidden love. The perfectly crafted screenplay, packed with witty dialogue and poignant moments, keeps us hooked from start to finish, leaving us in a state of pure bliss and longing for more.

Now, dear film aficionados, if you find yourself unable to satiate your appetite for "It Boy" through your current streaming subscriptions, fear not! ExpressVPN is here to save the day. By simply signing up for ExpressVPN, you can unlock a whole new world of streaming possibilities. With ExpressVPN's reliable and secure connection, you can bypass regional restrictions and indulge in the captivating tale of "It Boy." Don't miss out on this cinematic gem - let ExpressVPN be your gateway to cinematic delight.

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