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Watch LOLA in Israel: Your Guide to Enjoying the Hilarious Show

Watch LOLA in Israel: Your Guide to Enjoying the Hilarious Show

Josh Loewen
Josh Loewen
August 17, 2023

Welcome to our guide on how to stream the highly anticipated Irish-British sci-fi film, "LOLA," in Israel. We're here to help you navigate the virtual maze, uncovering all the different avenues to enjoy this thrilling adventure. But before we delve into the myriad of streaming options, let's take a quick trip into the plot of "LOLA" itself and see why it's generating such buzz.

Set in war-torn England in 1941, "LOLA" introduces us to two ingenious sisters, Thomasina and Martha, who stumble upon a remarkable contraption. This peculiar invention enables them to intercept future radio broadcasts, providing a unique glimpse into the punk subculture before its rise to fame. However, as the chaos of World War II escalates around them, the sisters are faced with a choice - to use their invention as a weapon of intelligence with unforeseen consequences. Intrigued? We thought so.

Now, let's dive into the many ways you can stream "LOLA" in Israel and embark on an extraordinary journey through time and punk rock.

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Streaming Services in Israel

Unfortunately, as of now, there are no streaming services in Israel that offer "LOLA" for your viewing pleasure. We understand how disappointing this news may be for eager fans eagerly anticipating this intriguing sci-fi flick. But don't lose hope just yet!

There is a glimmer of light on the horizon. You see, with the right tools and a touch of technology magic, you might be able to unlock "LOLA" from a different country using your existing streaming subscriptions. Don't worry, we'll guide you through the process in the following sections and help you access this cinematic gem.

Streaming "LOLA" on Netflix in Israel

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but "LOLA" is not currently available on Netflix, whether you're in Israel or any other country. It seems like this punk-infused time-travel adventure has chosen to explore alternative streaming platforms for the time being.

But fear not! There may still be hope for "LOLA" to grace your screens. As you continue reading, you'll discover other streaming services that might hold the key to unlocking this captivating film. So, keep your virtual popcorn at the ready and delve into the following sections to uncover the path that leads to "LOLA" in all its glory.

Exploring Streaming Options: Amazon Prime

When it comes to streaming "LOLA" on Amazon Prime in Israel, we regret to inform you that this highly-anticipated film is not currently available on the platform. While disappointment may be inevitable, fear not, dear reader, for there are other streaming services that might hold the key to your cinematic desires.

So, if you're an avid Amazon Prime subscriber, we encourage you to keep reading. There may be another streaming service where you have an active subscription that grants access to "LOLA." The journey to finding this elusive film is still within reach!

HBO Max: Not Your Ticket to "LOLA" in Israel

Well, well, well, HBO Max enthusiasts, we have some unfortunate news for you. Despite the plethora of incredible content available on this esteemed streaming platform, "LOLA" has chosen a different path and decided not to grace the screens of HBO Max, not just in Israel, but anywhere around the globe.

Now, before you lose all hope and retreat to your binge-watching corner, let us remind you that there may be another streaming service you already have in your holster that could potentially hold the key to experiencing "LOLA." So, dear reader, strap in and read on to uncover alternative options that just might lead you straight to this hidden gem.

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Stream "LOLA" on Disney+

Attention Disney+ subscribers in Israel, we regret to inform you that "LOLA" is not currently available on the beloved streaming platform in any country worldwide. We understand the disappointment, but fear not, for there may be another streaming service that you already have in your arsenal.

Hold tight and keep reading to discover alternative platforms where you might be able to catch this captivating sci-fi film. We wouldn't want you to miss out on all the punk-fueled excitement that "LOLA" has to offer. Your adventure awaits!

Where to Buy or Rent "LOLA" in Israel

While we're all about delivering the latest and greatest streaming options to your screens, sometimes the virtual realm can be a bit of a tricky place. Unfortunately, at the moment, we don't have any streaming options for renting or buying "LOLA" within the country. But fear not, fellow film enthusiasts, as we have a solution up our sleeves.

The good news is that with the magic of technology, you can still get your hands on this captivating film. Simply open up your favorite streaming app, make the payment, and voila! You can start watching "LOLA" right now if you have the corresponding service.

  • No streaming options for rent within the country
  • No streaming options for purchase within the country

How to watch LOLA in Israel today

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Unveiling a Punk-Fueled Time Machine

In the chaos of war-ravaged England in 1941, the ingenious sisters Thomasina and Martha stumble upon a peculiar machine that alters their perception of time itself. This extraordinary invention, a contraption capable of intercepting future radio broadcasts, opens a gateway to a world yet to unfold.

As the sisters explore the uncharted territory of punk rock long before its cultural explosion, they find themselves entangled in a thrilling journey. "LOLA" takes us on an exhilarating ride as Thomasina and Martha navigate a timeline that is not their own. With each intercepted radio transmission, the sisters dive deeper into the soul of punk, witnessing the birth of subversive bands and the raw energy that will define an entire generation.

However, as the mechanical marvel becomes a weapon of intelligence, the sisters must grapple with the consequences of their actions. With World War II unfolding in the background, the choices they make have the potential to alter the course of history itself. Will they use their newfound power to defy fate or succumb to the chaos of their time?

The Creative Process Behind "LOLA"

With "LOLA," director Andrew Legge masterfully brings his unique vision to life, making his feature directorial debut a memorable one. Shot in Ireland during the lockdown, the production of this film presented its own set of challenges and creative opportunities that added depth to the storytelling.

One of the standout aspects of "LOLA" lies in its distinctive production techniques. Legge, true to his commitment to authenticity, employed a combination of cameras to capture different scenes. The sisters' intimate moments in their house were shot using 16mm Bolex and Arriflex cameras equipped with period lenses. This choice not only adds a nostalgic feel to the visuals but also immerses viewers in the era in a way that digital filmmaking cannot replicate.

Not stopping there, the film also incorporates scenes shot on a 1930s Newman Sinclair 35mm wind-up camera using Kodak Double X film, reminiscent of the newsreels of the time. This attention to detail creates a fascinating interplay between past and future, blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

Furthermore, the creative process extended beyond the camera techniques. Neil Hannon, the talented musician known for his work in The Divine Comedy, composed the film's captivating soundtrack. With contributions from iconic artists like David Bowie and The Kinks, the musical choices serve as a melodic time capsule, perfectly complementing the themes and atmosphere of "LOLA."

Legge's dedication to crafting a thought-provoking narrative shines through in "LOLA." As the film explores the sisters' decision to use their invention as a weapon of intelligence, it poses profound questions about the human desire for control and the consequences of tampering with time itself. Prepare to be captivated by the intricacies of this Irish-British sci-fi gem.

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Meet the Cast

Let's get acquainted with the talented individuals who bring the characters of "LOLA" to life:

Emma Appleton as Thomasina - portraying one of the ingenious sisters, Emma Appleton enchants us with her portrayal of Thomasina. You might recognize her from her roles in the TV series "The Witcher" and the film "The Bay of Silence."

Stefanie Martini as Martha - Stefanie Martini takes on the role of Martha, the other half of the inventive sister-duo. Her previous credits include TV shows like "Doctor Thorne" and "Prime Suspect 1973."

Director: Andrew Legge - Making his feature directorial debut, Andrew Legge expertly guides the film's unique narrative. His previous work includes directing short films like "The Back of Beyond" and "How to Cheat in the Leaving Certificate."

Writer: Andrew Legge - In addition to his directing prowess, Andrew Legge also penned the engaging screenplay for "LOLA." His creative talents have been on display in other projects like the short film "Johnny Disco" and the TV series "Love/Hate."

Soundtrack: Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy - Not only does "LOLA" feature a captivating narrative, but it also boasts an enchanting soundtrack composed by Neil Hannon. Hannon, known as the frontman of the music group The Divine Comedy, has lent his musical talents to various films, including "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

Time Travel Gone Awry: A Bumpy Ride with "LOLA"

Oh, "LOLA," what can we say about you? You had all the makings of a mind-bending, punk-infused time travel adventure, but alas, you fell short of our lofty expectations. While the concept of intercepting future broadcasts is undeniably intriguing, the execution left us scratching our heads and yearning for more substance.

Don't get us wrong, there were moments of brilliance scattered throughout the film. Emma Appleton and Stefanie Martini delivered commendable performances as the ingenious sisters, Thomasina and Martha. The nostalgic touch of using 16mm Bolex and Arriflex cameras, along with the era-appropriate lenses, certainly added a visually captivating layer. And who can resist the allure of the enchanting soundtrack, featuring classics by the legendary David Bowie and the soul-stirring compositions of Elgar?

However, despite these glimmers of brilliance, "LOLA" lacked the narrative coherence and depth that would have propelled it into the realm of greatness. The decision to pivot from a punk exploration into a wartime intelligence plot felt disjointed and forced. The world-altering consequences promised in the plot summary turned out to be more underwhelming than cataclysmic.

But fear not, dear readers, for where there is a will, there is a way. If "LOLA" is not readily available on your existing streaming services in Israel, we implore you to consider the magical powers of ExpressVPN. With ExpressVPN, you can unlock a world of possibilities and stream "LOLA" from the comfort of your own screen, transcending geographical barriers with a few simple clicks. So, don't miss out on this peculiar time-traveling journey - sign up for ExpressVPN and let the adventures of "LOLA" unfold before your eyes.

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