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What's New on Netflix Italy: New Releases

New Releases for Netflix Italy

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases for Netflix Italy.

Is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell... on Netflix Italy?

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell...

Captain Jack Sparrow finds himself in hot water when Salazar escapes the Devil's Triangle and makes it his mission to obliterate every pirate at sea. Everyone says he's lost a step. But they ought to know by now -- Captain Jack is a pirate who's always one step ahead.

Details: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell...

Is Bordertown on Netflix Italy?

Bordertown: Season 2

A gifted detective takes a job in a small town so he can spend more time with his family. But he's soon drawn into a web of disturbing murder cases. His powers of deduction are uncanny. But the crimes in this small town will push him -- and his family -- to the limit.

Details: Bordertown: Season 2

Is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein on Netflix Italy?

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Rejected by society, a creature comprised of criminals' corpses and a brilliant brain plots revenge against his creator, Dr. Viktor Frankenstein.

Details: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Is Eat, Play, Love on Netflix Italy?

Eat, Play, Love

A vet in love with the owner of a local dog shelter hopes to win his heart before he moves to New York to marry his chic but catty girlfriend. They both love to help dogs in need. But as far as their own love story goes, it's the pups who may need to lend a paw.

Details: Eat, Play, Love

Is Smetto Quando Voglio: Masterclass on Netflix Italy?

Smetto Quando Voglio: Masterclass

To wipe their criminal records clean, a group of drug-dealing researchers must collaborate with police to find and stop the spread of new substances. Their last foray into the drug trade landed them in jail. Now, the band is getting back together on the right side of the law.

Details: Smetto Quando Voglio: Masterclass

Is La Bamba on Netflix Italy?

La Bamba

The plane crash that killed rocker Buddy Holly also took the life of Ritchie Valens, a 17-year-old Mexican-American who rocketed to fame with the hit "La Bamba." The film paints a vivid portrait of Valens's modest upbringing and rise to stardom.

Details: La Bamba

Is Russian Doll on Netflix Italy?

Russian Doll: Season 1

Nadia keeps dying and reliving her 36th birthday party. She's trapped in a surreal time loop -- and staring down the barrel of her own mortality. Eccentric guests. Strong drugs. A bathroom with a glowing vortex. Her birthday is about to get really weird ... over and over and over again.

Details: Russian Doll: Season 1

Is Dear Ex on Netflix Italy?

Dear Ex

A teen navigates a bitter feud between his willful mom and a free-spirited man, who's the lover and insurance beneficiary of his recently deceased dad. A boy lost a father. A mom lost a husband. A man lost a lover. In the theater of grief, each longs for a proper farewell.

Details: Dear Ex

Is Always a Witch on Netflix Italy?

Always a Witch: Season 1

A young 17th-century witch time travels to the future to save the man she loves, but first must adjust to present-day Cartagena and defeat a dark rival. In 1646, she was a slave. In the present, she's learning to harness her power. Dark magic has met its match in this time-traveling witch.

Details: Always a Witch: Season 1

Is True: Happy Hearts Day on Netflix Italy?

True: Happy Hearts Day

True and Bartleby try to cheer up the Rainbow Kingdom’s loneliest citizen, but his gloomy mood is contagious! Can a trio of wishes turn things around? It's Happy Hearts Day -- the perfect day for pink hearts and friendship. So why is the Rainbow Kingdom turning blue?

Details: True: Happy Hearts Day