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Netflix Italy: New Releases for August 25, 2019

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 4: The Real Cost of Cruises

This list shows the Netflix titles released on a specific day in Italy.

Netflix released 1 movie and 1 brand new show today. There was also 1 new episode of existing shows added.

Coco Aug 25 2019


Family Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Family Adventures, Disney Movies, Children & Family Movies

On Día de los Muertos, young would-be musician Miguel crosses into the afterlife on a quest to meet his ancestor and understand his family legacy. Music is his life, but it's forbidden in his family. To understand why, he'll have to speak to his ancestor in person.

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Rust Valley Restorers Aug 25 2019

Rust Valley Restorers

Makeover Reality TV, Canadian TV Shows, Lifestyle, Reality TV

Old-school auto collector Mike Hall, his pal Avery Shoaf and son Connor Hall go the extra mile to restore retro cars -- and hopefully turn a profit. Once upon a time, these rust buckets were beautiful. These car nuts will have to put in the work to turn back the clock.

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Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 4: The Real Cost of Cruises Aug 25 2019

Cruise lines promise fun, inexpensive vacations, but Hasan discovers that major carriers are exploiting loose regulations on labor, safety and crime.

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